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Published March 30, 2016

un_mattThis week we focus on a series of new books by new writers. New to us, at least, and possibly to you. In this episode Cath and Chris interview Matthew S. Rotundo, whose first book, Petra: The Prison World Revolt, Part 1, is now available through Amazon. Matt is a former Writers of the Future finalist and graduate of the Odyssey workshop. We discuss his novel, his short fiction and what’s next for the Petra series.



  1. […] good folks at the Unreliable Narrators podcast have interviewed yours truly.  In it, I discuss Petra, “From Earth I Have Arisen,” and other groovy […]

  2. Shirley M. Rptundo Shirley M. Rptundo

    I really enjoyed your interview with Matthew S. Rotundo re his novel “Petra”

  3. Chris Chris

    Thanks, Shirley! Glad you enjoyed it.

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