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Published October 3, 2017

We check in for exciting news from former guest Debbie Goelz and her new audiobook, then find out about the upcoming project, The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist’s Guide. And on to our topic of the week!

Chia, George, Chris and Cath need your help! We kick off two reading challenges in the interest of expanding our literary boundaries. First, a Secret Santa challenge in which we each select a book for someone else to read. Second, we each pick a genre we’re unfamiliar with and ask you, fair readers, for recommendations. What is the book that will make Chris a fan of cozy mysteries? Which military hard sci-fi novel will make a convert of Chia? Who has a great historical or contemporary romance for George? (No Outlander or Jane Austen, please!) Finally, Cath needs a recommendation for a men’s action title. Send us your suggestions! You never know what a successful recommendation will yield…


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