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Published October 30, 2017


Welcome to the third and final episode of this year’s Halloween edition of “The Unreliable Narrators Watch…,” starring The Unreliable Narrators. This week we’re watching John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” the quintessential movie of this wonderful holiday!

WARNING: the following contains spoilers!!!

Dramatis Personae: Chris, Chia, George…and special guest-star Taz the Dog!

chialynn [9:44 PM] Three… two… one…

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] Halloween!

chialynn [9:44 PM] Halloween!

chris [9:45 PM] Halloween!

chris [9:45] piano!

chialynn [9:45 PM] For our readers at home, I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen this before.

chris [9:45 PM] Carpenter made up the music after he decided the submitted soundtrack was shite

george_galuschak [9:45 PM] it sounds like the cat’s running across the keyboard, but in a good way!

chialynn [9:46 PM] I think because I saw so many really dreadful slasher flicks in the ’80s that I never got around to watching the classics.

chris [9:46 PM] I like how the pumpkin is strobing to the piano

chialynn [9:47 PM] Pumpkin rave!

george_galuschak [9:47 PM] very stylish opening credits

chris [9:47 PM] haha Haddonfield

george_galuschak [9:47 PM] ah, Haddonfield

chris [9:48 PM] drunken steadycam

[9:48]  chialynn The unsteadicam.

chialynn [9:48 PM] Ah, teenagers.

george_galuschak [9:48 PM] the teenagers are necking!

chris [9:48 PM] making out on halloween, talk about tempting fate

george_galuschak [9:48 PM] sex-cam!

chialynn [9:48 PM] Oh, that was a good sound cue.

chialynn [9:49 PM] Actually made me jump.

george_galuschak [9:49 PM] This movie will make you jump

chris [9:49 PM] Spicer cam from the bushes

chialynn [9:49 PM] That’s a big knife, little boy.

george_galuschak [9:49 PM] butcher knife cam!

chialynn [9:50 PM] Well, that was quick.

george_galuschak [9:50 PM] wow, that didn’t take long

chris [9:50 PM] teenagers

chris [9:50 PM] they’re just happy to be there

chialynn [9:50 PM] Clown mask!

chris [9:50 PM] I forgot about the first person

chialynn [9:51 PM] Now, is this the first horror movie with a clown thing happening?

george_galuschak [9:51 PM] good question, I dunno

chialynn [9:51 PM] How do you not manage to fight off a 6-year-old?

chialynn [9:52 PM] That’s… an odd reaction to finding your kid in the yard with a bloody knife.

george_galuschak [9:52 PM]  ohn Wayne Gacy was around that time. He wore a clown suit. I don’t know if they’d caught him yet

chialynn [9:52 PM] Ah, that would make sense.

george_galuschak [9:52 PM] thunderbolts and lightning

george_galuschak [9:53] very, very frightening

george_galuschak [9:53] please!

chris [9:53 PM] wow, Florence Nightingale cosplay

george_galuschak [9:53 PM] they also did a documentary called Killer Legends that traced the history of the clown in horror

george_galuschak [9:54]

smoking nurse!

george_galuschak [9:54 PM] apparently the nurse goes to the RABBIT IN RED nightclub

chris [9:54 PM] Harden County sounds like a Circlet Anthology

chialynn [9:55 PM] Yes, let’s stop on a dark rainy road on Halloween night.

chialynn [9:55] Outside a creepy mental hospital.

chris [9:56 PM] hahahaha

chialynn [9:56 PM] How did the doctor not notice any of that? Is he stoned?

chris [9:56 PM] That’s pretty good, that he just takes the car.

george_galuschak [9:56 PM] he’s got bigger fish to fry

chialynn [9:56 PM] She wasn’t on his list.

george_galuschak [9:56 PM] hey, we’re back in HaddockField

george_galuschak [9:58] hey, it’s John-John!!!

george_galuschak [9:58] no wait, wrong movie

chialynn [9:58 PM] Interchangeable Children in Horror Movies.

george_galuschak [9:58] look at all those crappy old cars

chris [9:58 PM] Fixer upper!

george_galuschak [9:59 PM] jump scare!

chris [9:59 PM] Foreshadowing!

chialynn [9:59 PM] Thank you, ExpositionKid.

chialynn [10:00] If only the nurse’s car had been a stick shift.

george_galuschak [10:00 PM] ooh, he parked in the Handicapped Zone space

george_galuschak [10:01] hey, it’s the teacher from the Charlie Brown specials!

chris [10:01 PM] wah wah wahs

george_galuschak [10:01 PM] Bill Shatner mask!

chris [10:01 PM] Multitasking!

chialynn [10:01 PM] This teacher is awful.

chialynn [10:02] Droning on, pouncing on students.

george_galuschak [10:02 PM]

Hey, it’s the John-John lookalike again!

chialynn [10:02 PM]

That pumpkin is bigger than he is!

chialynn [10:02]

There are no adults at this school.

george_galuschak [10:02 PM]

they messed up his pumpkin!

george_galuschak [10:02] well, he scared the shit out of that kid

chialynn [10:02 PM] Well, there’s one adult.

george_galuschak [10:02 PM] that was awesome

chris [10:03 PM] I guess this was before lots of offender laws

george_galuschak [10:04 PM] Pay Phones!!!

chialynn [10:04 PM] That is so very not Illinois.

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] that doctor Loomis. Always dressed impeccably!!!

chialynn [10:05 PM] The Rabbit in Red!

chialynn [10:05 PM] No one goes to that nightclub except…

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] Rabbits?

chialynn [10:05 PM] Thank you, ExpositionBabe.

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] jesus christ, what a hard life you have!

george_galuschak [10:06] MANIAC IN A STATION WAGON!!!!

chris [10:07 PM] “I hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor.”

chris [10:08 PM] Is there a correlation I’m missing?

chialynn [10:09 PM] Okay, so the mouthy girl is going to die.

chialynn [10:09 PM] And probably the ditzy blonde.

chialynn [10:10] Why are you friends with this girl, Laurie?

george_galuschak [10:10 PM] hey, it’s Sheriff Hick!

chialynn [10:10 PM] Well, he’s not creepy at all.

george_galuschak [10:10 PM] look at those sideburns!

chialynn [10:11 PM] “Hey, Laurie. Didn’t mean to startle you. Just gonna cop a feel while I’m here.”

chris [10:11 PM] I see what you did there

chialynn [10:11 PM] The call is coming from inside the house!

chris [10:13 PM] “I already lost it.” “I doubt that.” SICK BURN

chialynn [10:13 PM] Her friends are awful. Both of them.

chris [10:13 PM] they grow big gourds in Haddonfield

george_galuschak [10:14 PM] man, that’s one sweet ride!

george_galuschak [10:15] omg, they’re smoking cigarettes!!!

chialynn [10:15 PM] That’s not a tobacco cigarette.

george_galuschak [10:15 PM] garrulous old grave keeper!

chialynn [10:15 PM] Gravediggers all have New England accents.

chialynn [10:15] Even in LA, I mean Illinois.

george_galuschak [10:16 PM] ‘goddamn kids!’

chialynn [10:16 PM] “They’ll do anything for Halloween.”

george_galuschak [10:16 PM] they’re smoking a hand-rolled cigarette!

chris [10:16 PM]

“He’s 87.” “He can still watch.” This town is lousy with pervs!

chialynn [10:17 PM] “Smoooooooth.”

chialynn [10:17] Don’t drink and smoke, kids.

george_galuschak [10:17 PM] her dad is Sheriff Hick!!!

chris [10:17 PM] Oh lord, he’s Annie’s dad. That explains so much

george_galuschak [10:17 PM] ‘they stole a Bill Shatner mask!’

chialynn [10:18 PM] Did you… Did you pull over just to be rude to your dad and get some pot dropped in your lap?

george_galuschak [10:18 PM] hey, it’s Doc Loomis!

chialynn [10:18 PM] Doc Loomis and his forehead veins.

george_galuschak [10:19 PM] “he always looks like that”

george_galuschak [10:19] the INNSMOUTH LOOK

chialynn [10:19 PM] Would you stop nagging your friend?!

george_galuschak [10:19 PM] yes, and don’t worry about the homicidal maniac behind you

chialynn [10:20 PM] “There’s that weird station wagon again. Oh, well. Probably a coincidence.”

george_galuschak [10:20] wait, now it’s dark?

chialynn [10:21] Night falls fast in Pasadena, I mean Haddonfield.

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] he can walk around in that mask because it’s Halloween. how diabolical!!!

chialynn [10:21 PM] I was at a theater tonight with a sign that said “no masks, makeup, or other threatening items.”

george_galuschak [10:22 PM] Sheriff Hick and Doc Loomis: The Dynamic Duo!

chialynn [10:22 PM]  Every kid in town who thinks that place is haunted would go drink there in high school.

george_galuschak [10:23 PM] nice wallpaper

chris [10:23 PM] Taz is watching the movie

chialynn [10:23 PM] Taz!

chialynn [10:24] Does he like horror movies?

chris [10:24 PM] unless there’s a cat in it

chialynn [10:24 PM] Doc is armed!

george_galuschak [10:24 PM] gun!

george_galuschak [10:24 PM] Doc is monologuing!

chialynn [10:25 PM] Yes, wait for him in the creepy abandoned house he grew up in. That seems safe.

chris [10:25 PM] and that’s a bad thing? (looking on every corner)

george_galuschak [10:25 PM]

what is the kid dressed up as? an astronaut?

chris [10:25 PM] Sit down and be quiet or I’ll make you eat an Activia!

chialynn [10:26 PM] Those are authentically ’70s curtains.

george_galuschak [10:26 PM] Who let the dog out?

chialynn [10:26 PM] Lester the German Shepherd has good taste.

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] maybe the dog doesn’t like you because you’re an asshole

chialynn [10:27 PM] Exactly!

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] oh my god she didn’t!?!?!?

chialynn [10:27 PM] Because she’s an asshole!

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] SHE DID!!!

chialynn [10:27 PM] Tommy, that’s a pumpkin.

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] why is she stripping?

chialynn [10:28 PM] Well, that’s one way to get her naked.

chialynn [10:29] I’m not even sure what she spilled on herself.

george_galuschak [10:29 PM] poor doggie…

chris [10:29 PM] Aw, Lester

chialynn [10:29 PM] Oh, no!

george_galuschak [10:29 PM] close Taz’s eyes, Chris!!!

george_galuschak [10:29] don’t let him see!

Taz_the_Dog [10:29 PM] Arf?

chialynn [10:30 PM] Awesome!

george_galuschak [10:30 PM] Hey, it’s the original Thing. One of my fave movies!

chialynn [10:30 PM] Hey, Carpenter killed a dog in The Thing, too.

chialynn [10:30] What does he have against dogs?

george_galuschak [10:31 PM] now she’s wandering around the yard half naked

chialynn [10:31 PM] Did she have to go outside to get to the laundry room?

george_galuschak [10:31 PM] I guess?

chialynn [10:31 PM] It being common to put the appliances in a different building.

chris [10:31 PM] he must be a real klutz to spill on her top and her pants

chialynn [10:31 PM] Oh, no. That’s not common at all! Especially not in Illinois.

chialynn 10:32] Who is this poor Lindsay she keeps yelling at?

chris [10:32 PM] Babysitter of the Year

chialynn [10:32 PM] Oh, the little girl.

george_galuschak [10:32 PM] It’s PAUL!!! ‘Lindsay, don’t tell him I’m half-naked!’

george_galuschak [10:33]  Lindsay (to Paul): ‘she’s running around our backyard half-naked’

chialynn [10:33 PM] Yes, the laundry room is in the shed out back.

chris [10:33 PM] stuck on what?

chialynn [10:34 PM] And so is the refrigerator?

george_galuschak [10:34 PM] Annie, Darwin Award Winner!

chialynn [10:34 PM] “Promise me you won’t tell anyone.” “Why not? You’re horrible. Everyone should know.”

george_galuschak [10:35 PM] She is pretty bad, isn’t she?

chialynn [10:35 PM] She has no redeeming qualities so far.

chialynn [10:36] Maybe we’re supposed to hate her, so we won’t be sad when she dies?

chialynn [10:37 PM] And she talks with her mouth full.

george_galuschak [10:37 PM] I’m going to drive around with no pants

george_galuschak [10:37 PM] good thing her dad’s the sheriff

chialynn [10:37 PM] And yellow socks?

george_galuschak [10:37 PM] I can just imagine the calls Sheriff Hick gets

george_galuschak [10:38] ‘your daughter’s stuck in a window half-naked’

chialynn [10:38 PM] “Your daughter’s wandering around half-naked and whistling again.”

george_galuschak [10:38 PM] she’s taking their car, also! or is it her car?

chialynn [10:38 PM] Now the door’s unlocked!

george_galuschak [10:38 PM] the car was unlocked before, dummy!

chialynn [10:39] oh well, Annie’s days of wandering around backyards half-naked are over

chris [10:39 PM] go ahead and honk, Mike don’t give a

chialynn [10:39 PM] Bye, Annie.

chialynn [10:39] Lester was a good dog and you shouldn’t have yelled at him.

chialynn [10:40 PM] Tommy, what are you doing?

george_galuschak [10:40 PM] Poor Tommy – nobody believes him!

chialynn [10:40 PM] Why is he going in the front door?

chris [10:41 PM] I love how MM just walks around with a mask, carrying bodies, letting people honk the horn, he just can’t be bothered

george_galuschak [10:41 PM] he’s a vegetable

george_galuschak [10:41] Tommy has a hard life

chialynn [10:42 PM] Ah, yes. Here are the kids going into the haunted house.

george_galuschak [10:42 PM] DOC LOOMIS plays a prank!

chris [10:42 PM] that rapscallion!

chialynn [10:42 PM] He looks so pleased with himself!

george_galuschak [10:42 PM] maybe he’s had a few

george_galuschak [10:43] or he’s been sniffing glue

chialynn [10:43 PM] “It’s gonna take more than fancy talk to keep me crawling around in these bushes! I’m not like my daughter!”

chris [10:43 PM] You know, I guess it makes sense that no one pays attention to MM. All the adults in this movie hang out in bushes and creep on kids

chialynn [10:43 PM] True!

george_galuschak [10:43 PM] DOC LOOMIS is pensive!

george_galuschak [10:44] look, it’s the LOVE-MOBILE!

george_galuschak [10:44] they’re horny!

chris [10:44 PM] beer-swilling teens talking sex! three strikes you’re out

chialynn [10:44 PM] Oh, there’s the blonde girl who doesn’t think she needs to read.

george_galuschak [10:44 PM] Budweiser, the King of Beers

chialynn [10:44 PM] Bob’s glasses are very sexy. In a ’70s nerd kind of way.

george_galuschak [10:45 PM] let’s screw in someone else’s house’

chialynn [10:45 PM] Hope she finished that beer before she dropped it.

george_galuschak [10:45 PM] no, that’s not strange at all

chris [10:45 PM] kids writhing on the couch, the siren call that alerts all killers

chialynn [10:45 PM] MM likes to watch.

george_galuschak [10:45 PM] wholesome fun!

chialynn [10:46 PM] “Stop scaring each other.”

chialynn [10:46 PM] Remember when you had to get up off the couch to answer the phone, and you didn’t even know who was calling?

chris [10:46 PM] polarized glasses!

chialynn [10:47 PM] She’s still got her shoes on!

george_galuschak [10:47 PM] where did the beer can go?

chialynn [10:47 PM] I guess the parents aren’t coming home?

chris [10:47 PM] They’re still chugging cans of beer?

chialynn [10:48 PM] Well, that’s appropriately awkward teenage writhing.

chris [10:48 PM] who puts a jack o lantern on their night stand?

chialynn [10:48 PM] That was quick.

george_galuschak [10:48 PM] THE JACK O LANTERN LIKES TO WATCH!

chris [10:48 PM] egad, learn some self control

george_galuschak [10:49 PM] ye gods, that was fast

george_galuschak [10:49] cigarette break!!!

chris [10:49 PM] she’s easy to please. “That was fantastic!”

chialynn [10:49 PM] That is a giant-ass kitten painting.

chialynn [10:50] “Think of all the money they saved not lighting this scene,” says Novy.

george_galuschak [10:50 PM] they must have had some weight room at that insane asylum

chris [10:51 PM] strong knife. And upper body

chialynn [10:51 PM] Just how big is that knife?

chris [10:51 PM] that’s awesome

george_galuschak [10:51 PM] I knew Michael Meyers had a sense of humor!

chialynn [10:51 PM] Now, did she bring her own nail file into someone else’s bed?

chris [10:52 PM] she doesn’t seem like she just chugged a couple of six packs

chialynn [10:52 PM] Oh, now you realize something’s wrong.

george_galuschak [10:52 PM] ah, a lover’s quarrel…

chris [10:53 PM] breasts

chris [10:53] Annie are you okay? You okay?

george_galuschak [10:53 PM] wait, I thought the half-naked girl was Annie?

chialynn [10:54 PM] She was. Laurie’s just confused about who’s calling.

chris [10:54 PM] she naturally assumed the pranking asshole on the other end was Annie

george_galuschak [10:54 PM]  the car’s been in front of you all night, and you just noticed it now?

george_galuschak [10:55] #DocLoomisIsAWeiner

chialynn [10:55 PM] He was looking for MM on every streetcorner, and forgot to look at the street.

chris [10:55 PM] had to wait until the official seal of the mental hospital reflected in the sunlight! (edited)

george_galuschak [10:55 PM] those are some 70’s slacks

george_galuschak [10:56] leave the kids alone in the house, good idea! I guess it was the 70’s

chris [10:56 PM] all she had to do to get the gig was be better than Annie

chialynn [10:57 PM] That jack o’lantern would be a better babysitter than Annie.

chris [10:58 PM] the killer is secretly… BEN TRAMER

george_galuschak [10:58 PM] no, he’s out drinking with MIKE GODFREY!

chialynn [10:58 PM] Back door’s unlocked.

chialynn [10:58 PM] Makes it easier to get to the laundry cabana.

chris [10:59 PM] Let’s see, they went over there to get it on, and they aren’t answering the door.

chialynn [10:59 PM] Meatheads!

chris [10:59 PM] But Laurie knows they only last 30 seconds, maybe

george_galuschak [10:59 PM] that sums them up pretty concisely

george_galuschak [10:59] why don’t you, I don’t know, turn on the lights, maybe?

george_galuschak [11:00] just a thought

george_galuschak [11:00 PM]

unless they want to save $$$ on the power bill

george_galuschak [11:00] yes, this movie has some great jump scares

george_galuschak [11:01] time to get out of here

chialynn [11:01 PM] Okay, that’s effective.

chris [11:01 PM]

Michael Myers is a good set designer

george_galuschak [11:02 PM] HERE HE IS, THE MAN OF THE HOUR!

george_galuschak [11:02] use the stairs next time

chialynn [11:02 PM] Man, ‘70s horror and big ol’ staircases.

george_galuschak [11:02 PM] go out the back way, maybe

chialynn [11:02 PM] At least this wasn’t a magically fatal staircase.

chris [11:02 PM] 70s houses and big ol’ staircases

george_galuschak [11:02 PM] ah, the magical rake

chialynn [11:03 PM] And this is why we don’t buy hollow-core doors, kids.

chialynn [11:03] Sorry, Laurie. There are no adults in this town.

george_galuschak [11:03 PM] CARDIO!

chialynn [11:03 PM] Except the ones lurking in the bushes.

george_galuschak [11:03 PM] damn kids these days, all high on them drugs

george_galuschak [11:04] he sure does take his time

chris [11:04 PM] he doesn’t give AF

chialynn [11:05 PM] Tommy fails to appreciate the gravity of the situation.

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] well, now he does

chialynn [11:05 PM] Knitting needles!

chris [11:05 PM] suddenly MM can’t stab worth shit

chialynn [11:05 PM] Good girl.

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] he’s out of practice, that’s all

george_galuschak [11:06] that’s right, just take a nap on the sofa

chialynn [11:06 PM] Get a hold of yourself!

george_galuschak [11:06 PM] DOC LOOMIS, CREEPER!!!

chialynn [11:06 PM] Wasn’t he going to stay at the Myers house?

chris [11:07 PM] that was before he saw the car!

chialynn [11:07 PM] And so you’re… here?

chialynn [11:07 PM] “There’s nothing to be scared of. Except the creepy man behind me.”

george_galuschak [11:08 PM] yes, that will work well

chialynn [11:08 PM] Those wooden shutters aren’t going to protect you.

george_galuschak [11:08 PM] he’ll fall for it

chialynn [11:08 PM] Yep.

chialynn [11:09] Finally, someone turns on a light!

chialynn [11:09] She should have kept the knife.

george_galuschak [11:09 PM] he turned out the light, interesting

chialynn [11:09 PM] Oh, she got it back.

george_galuschak [11:09 PM] that’s one sturdy blade

chialynn [11:10 PM] I’ve gotta give her credit, she hasn’t done anything really stupid, and she keeps fighting back.

chialynn [11:10] Stab him again!

george_galuschak [11:10 PM] she dropped the knife = stupid

chialynn [11:10 PM] Next to his head, too.

george_galuschak [11:10 PM] but I guess she thinks he’s dead

chialynn [11:10 PM] That’s what she thought before!

george_galuschak [11:10 PM] he’s taken a lot of abuse

chialynn [11:11 PM] At least she knows he’s not out there, as she sends the kids outside.

george_galuschak [11:11 PM] hey, its DOC LOOMIS!

chialynn [11:12 PM] Doc Loomis ex Machina.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] lol

chris [11:12 PM] he heard the screaming kids!

chialynn [11:12 PM] He’s got a keen ear for screaming kids.

chris [11:12 PM] but not screaming nurses

george_galuschak [11:13 PM] oopsie

[11:13] need some practice with that gun, dude

chris [11:13 PM] kind of smart to tear off his mask

chialynn [11:13 PM] Doc, you wanna, I don’t know, attend to the girl having a traumatic breakdown right behind you?

george_galuschak [11:13 PM] great ending

chialynn [11:14 PM] What the hell did they do to MM in that hospital?

george_galuschak [11:14 PM] he’s credited as THE SHAPE

chris [11:14 PM] it’s really hard to judge this movie on its own merits. the tropes have been reused in like 5,000 movies since then

george_galuschak [11:15 PM] oh, it’s still very well done

chris [11:16 PM] it’s such a dead simple story, it’s hard to explain how it launched a million others just like it

george_galuschak [11:17 PM] it’s popular because it’s a movie grounded in reality that has a single speculative element

george_galuschak [11:17] you cannot kill this guy

george_galuschak [11:18] plus, it’s really well-made

chialynn [11:19 PM] It really is.

chris [11:19 PM] you could argue it isn’t even speculative at all

chialynn [11:20 PM] Though the fraught bits with nothing much happening would have been more effective for me in a dark theater with a lot of other scared teenagers.

george_galuschak [11:20 PM] sure it is. she killed him twice. Doc loomis killed him a third time

chialynn [11:20 PM] Had I not been six when it came out.

chris [11:20 PM] she stabbed him with a knitting needle and a coat hanger, and he shot him in random spots

george_galuschak [11:20 PM] she stabbed him in the throat

chris [11:21 PM] sure it’s farfetched, but he could live

george_galuschak [11:21 PM] after the coat hanger, she stabbed him in the throat with a knife

chris [11:21 PM] true

george_galuschak [11:21 PM] I guess she could’ve missed

chris [11:21 PM] maybe she just pierced the rubber mask!

george_galuschak [11:21 PM] I mean, it’s spooky because you don’t know

chris [11:21 PM] yeah

george_galuschak [11:22 PM] the movie’s message is pretty explicit

chris [11:22 PM] I had forgotten the bit with the sheet and the glasses

chris [11:22 PM] he’s a card

george_galuschak [11:22 PM] TEENAGE SEX = DEATH

chris [11:23 PM] also, don’t be a shitty babysitter

chris [11:23] the kids saved Jamie Lee!

chialynn [11:23 PM] They did! With the running and the screaming!

george_galuschak [11:23 PM] they did, although I think it’s possible she might’ve killed him a third time

george_galuschak [11:23] he picked the wrong girl to mess with

chris [11:24 PM] Food for thought:

george_galuschak [11:24 PM] she was smart, and she fought back

chris [11:24 PM] she acted the same way, after he attacked her each time she laid there and rested, then got back up

george_galuschak [11:24 PM]

her problem was thinking he was dead

chris [11:24 PM] could she be a boogiewoman?

george_galuschak [11:25 PM] I think it turns out they’re related in one of the many sequels

chris [11:25 PM] of course

george_galuschak [11:25 PM] brother and sister, meaning

chialynn [11:25 PM] Yes, she’s his little sister.

chris [11:25 PM] way beyond Carpenter

george_galuschak [11:25 PM] this one was good

george_galuschak [11:25] the second wasn’t as good

george_galuschak [11:25] the third had nothing to do with the franchise

george_galuschak [11:25] I haven’t seen any after that

chialynn [11:26 PM] Well, now I’ve seen one.

chris [11:27 PM] I actually really like that he just wanders around freely, out in public, takes his time, doesn’t give a shit

george_galuschak [11:28 PM] sure, it’s the one night of the year when he can do that

chris [11:29 PM] drives up in broad daylight and parks by the  house

chialynn [11:30 PM] Laurie did smoke pot, but she didn’t enjoy it.

chris [11:31 PM] peer pressure!

george_galuschak [11:32 PM] I think it’s the sex that triggers doom

chris [11:33 PM] Michael saved her from her friends before it was too late

chialynn [11:33 PM] Thanks, Michael

chialynn [11:34] Not for the death and mayhem and permanent trauma, but, y’know, thanks.

chris [11:34 PM] it’s weird that Sheriff Dad just fades away in the final act

chialynn [11:34 PM] Yeah, he did just kinda vanish.

chialynn [11:35 PM] It’s interesting to watch this after seeing a bunch of shoddy knockoffs.

chris [11:35 PM] yeah

chialynn [11:35 PM] Seeing where the tropes came from!

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