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Published November 6, 2017

Friday the 13th

Tonight we watch…Friday the 13th. That’s right, the grandaddy of slasher flicks! Camp Crystal Lake is open for business again, and you’re all invited. The question is…will you survive the experience?

WARNING: the following contains spoilers!

Dramatis Personae: Chia, Chris, George…and special guest-star Morris the Cat!

george_galuschak [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

chialynn [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

chris [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

george_galuschak [8:01 PM] jay jay jay hah hah hah

chris [8:01 PM] Bonus round! Chia hasn’t seen the original Friday the 13th, so we couldn’t let that stand!

chris [8:02 PM] so break out your white sweater!

george_galuschak [8:02 PM] singing’ songs around the fire

chialynn [8:02 PM] 1958. That was a year.

chialynn [8:03 PM] Those outfits are so not 1958.

chris [8:03 PM] every time someone says ki ki ki ma ma ma DRINK

(EDITOR’S NOTE: is it jay jay jay hah hah hah or ki ki ki ma ma ma?)

george_galuschak [8:03 PM] I don’t recall this scene

chris [8:03 PM] prelude~!

chialynn [8:03 PM] A sink in a skirt.

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] oh Jesus Christ how horrifying!

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] what are they singing?

george_galuschak [8:04] Dear God!!!

chris [8:04 PM] They’re singing hallelujah. That’s almost as bad as having sex.

chialynn [8:04 PM] Is it a Christian camp?

chris [8:04 PM] not for long!

chialynn [8:04 PM]  Oh, like everyone doesn’t know where they’re going.

chris [8:04 PM] strike two!

chialynn [8:04 PM] Awkward kissing!

george_galuschak [8:05 PM] they’re necking!

chris [8:05 PM] nice uniforms

chialynn [8:05 PM] Their yellow shirts aren’t the same shade, and they clash.

chris [8:06 PM] it’s all that mixed laundry

chialynn [8:06 PM] Hope he’s got more stamina than the boys from Halloween.

chris [8:06 PM] Psycho music~!

chris [8:07 PM] the breaking glass is a nice touch

chialynn [8:07 PM] More evidence that Psycho is a seminal horror movie.

chris [8:07 PM] Tom Savini! Fresh off Dawn of the Dead!

chialynn [8:08 PM] Harry Manfredini!

chris [8:08 PM] I forgot they did the ki ki ki so much right off the bat

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] hey, it’s Frank’s Delicatessen!

chris [8:08 PM] pupper

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] ole’ dog at the gas pump

chialynn [8:09 PM] Just a sleepy summer morning in a small town.

chialynn [8:09] The dog tried to warn her.

chialynn [8:09] Never say the dog didn’t try.

chris [8:09 PM] futuristic pod phone booth

george_galuschak [8:09 PM] I’m sure the truck driver is very trustworthy

chris [8:10 PM] “The name’s Annie.” “That’s nice. Get in the truck.”

george_galuschak [8:10 PM] Hey, it’s RALPH the Town NUT!!!

chialynn [8:11 PM] I thought at first he was a mime.

chris [8:11 PM] I’m cursed! I”m trapped in a box~!

george_galuschak [8:11] wow, the truck driver’s helpful!

chialynn [8:11 PM] Well, if that wasn’t a blatant ass-grab.

george_galuschak [8:11 PM] good idea, getting in the truck with him!

chialynn [8:12 PM] “Inner-city children.”

chris [8:13 PM] Trucksposition

chialynn [8:13 PM] Buncha fires!

george_galuschak [8:13 PM] this truck driver is really giving it his all

chialynn [8:13 PM] Role of a lifetime.

chris [8:13 PM] “Dumb kid.”

george_galuschak [8:13 PM] hah hah

george_galuschak [8:13 PM] aw, he isn’t going to help her down?

chialynn [8:14 PM] Coulda copped another feel.

chris [8:14 PM] banjos are never a good sign

george_galuschak [8:14 PM] hee haw music!!!

chris [8:14 PM] Someone’s reading the Godfather!

george_galuschak [8:14 PM] my, they can’t keep their hands off each other…

chris [8:15 PM] That sign doesn’t look like it’s from the 30s

george_galuschak [8:14 PM] KEVIN BACON!!!

george_galuschak [8:15 PM] bare-chested!!!

george_galuschak [8:15] choppin’ wood!!!

chialynn [8:15 PM] Wild-eyed!

george_galuschak [8:16 PM] why is he knocking down the tree stump?

chris [8:16 PM] was just wondering that

george_galuschak [8:16 PM] she wears her pants up past her belly

george_galuschak [8:16] FLOODS!

chris [8:16 PM] owls!

chialynn [8:16 PM] He’s a terrible boss.

george_galuschak [8:17 PM] this place looks pretty old and shitty

chris [8:17 PM] uh

george_galuschak [8:17 PM] horny boss!!!

chris [8:17 PM] “You did last night.”

chialynn [8:17 PM] Though at least he didn’t grab her ass while she was on the ladder, unlike some truck drivers I could mention.

george_galuschak [8:17 PM] he’s wearing Daisy Dukes! And you gotta love that red bandanna

chialynn [8:18 PM] I like his glasses.

chris [8:18 PM] inappropriate!

chialynn [8:18 PM] Dude. No.

george_galuschak [8:18 PM] is that guy wearing suspenders?

george_galuschak [8:19] he is!!!

chialynn [8:19 PM] He’s quirky!

george_galuschak [8:19 PM] he’s going to town!

george_galuschak [8:19] hopefully he’ll never come back

chris [8:19 PM] his glasses are half oval, half octagon?

chris [8:20] haha Ned knows what’s up

chris [8:20] “The crocodiles are in the cabin.”

george_galuschak [8:20 PM] A FAMILY CAMP

george_galuschak [8:20]


george_galuschak [8:20]

wow, that guy’s a real asshole

george_galuschak [8:20] omg is he for real?

chris [8:20 PM] Ned’s a rapscallion

chialynn [8:21 PM] She should have stabbed him in the ass with that arrow.

chris [8:21 PM] Maybe that’s in the uncut version

george_galuschak [8:21 PM] ANNIE loves children!!!

george_galuschak [8:22] don’t call them KIDS, though!!!

george_galuschak [8:22] the dialogue is incredible

chris [8:22 PM] I forgot the homicidal maniac can drive!

chialynn [8:22 PM] “When you’ve dreamed of cooking for inner-city children at a creepy camp in the woods as long as I have…”

george_galuschak [8:22 PM] ANNIE isn’t the brightest star in the firmament!

chialynn [8:22 PM] Hitchhiking is dangerous!

george_galuschak [8:23 PM] maybe it’s the truck driver’s wife

chris [8:23 PM] stylin’ slacks

george_galuschak [8:23 PM] Don’t run in the woods, you’ll get poison ivy!

george_galuschak [8:24] makeup effects

chris [8:24 PM] Annie, the Janet Leigh of F13

chialynn [8:24 PM] She didn’t even have sex yet!

chialynn [8:24] Just got her ass grabbed.

george_galuschak [8:25 PM] I’m in awe of this dialogue!

george_galuschak [8:25] it’s like how a 40 year old imagines teenagers speak

chialynn [8:25 PM] Why are we talking about Vitamin C?

chris [8:26 PM] why would anyone believe Ned?

chialynn [8:26 PM] Well, we all know there’s something wrong with Ned.

george_galuschak [8:26 PM] let him drown!

chialynn [8:26 PM] Like, he thinks it’s funny to shoot arrows at people.

george_galuschak [8:27 PM]

Jesus Christ, NED!

chris [8:27 PM] there’s always an asshole in every slasher movie

george_galuschak [8:27 PM] that’s just a water snake

george_galuschak [8:27] it’s harmless

george_galuschak [8:28] poor snake

chris [8:28 PM] That machete looks familiar…

george_galuschak [8:28 PM] wow, these kids are ZANY!

chialynn [8:28 PM] That poor snake must be terrified.

george_galuschak [8:28 PM] PILLOW FIGHT

chris [8:28 PM] yes, that’s how to deal with a snake. pillow-fight it

george_galuschak [8:28 PM] okay, I hope that wasn’t real

chris [8:29 PM] they claimed in Crystal Lake Memories it was a real snake

chialynn [8:29 PM] It looked like it.

chialynn [8:30] So Ned’s racist, as well as stupid and ridiculous.

chialynn [8:31] Kevin Bacon, why are you touching the cop’s bike?

george_galuschak [8:31 PM] this is like a weird sitcom!

chris [8:31 PM] I’d forgotten the Deliverance vibe of this

george_galuschak [8:31 PM] she wears all her pants past her bellybutton

chialynn [8:31 PM] Does that hick cop have a southern accent?

george_galuschak [8:31 PM] well, it is NJ

george_galuschak [8:31] hey, it’s RALPH!

chialynn [8:32 PM] You are not cooking for 60 people in that kitchen.

george_galuschak [8:32 PM] Stanislavski would be so PROUD of Ralph!

chialynn [8:33 PM] ’70s and ’80s horror movies were so great for character actors.

chris [8:33 PM] true

george_galuschak [8:33 PM] oh, they’re characters all right!

chris [8:34 PM] a dead light bulb in a 20-year abandoned cabin. No way!

george_galuschak [8:34 PM] look, the spaceship from Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds!

george_galuschak [8:35] dude, why not take her to a nice hotel?

chialynn [8:35 PM] This is like a scene from Dirty Dancing.

chialynn 8:35] With more slasher.

chris [8:35 PM] Filthy Dancing

george_galuschak [8:35 PM] look at them frolic!

george_galuschak [8:36] frolic, frolic, frolic!!!

george_galuschak [8:37] what would FREUD make of such a dream?

chris [8:37 PM] abort, dude!

george_galuschak [8:37 PM] let’s just sit around in the rain!

chialynn [8:37 PM] She is acting so hard.

george_galuschak [8:38 PM] I respect that

george_galuschak [8:38] holy shit, they’re gonna do it in there?

chris [8:38 PM] Ripley underwear!

george_galuschak [8:39 PM] that dude can play a mean guitar

george_galuschak [8:40] look at the stuffed raccoon!

george_galuschak [8:40] maybe machete dude killed that also

chialynn [8:40 PM] Maybe there are only two buildings with intact roofs.

george_galuschak [8:40 PM] LET’S PLAY STRIP MONOPOLY

chialynn [8:40 PM] The Guitar Lounge and the Boning Shed.

chris [8:40 PM] they are out of control

george_galuschak [8:40 PM] WE’RE YOUNG PEOPLE, THAT’S WHAT WE DO!!!

chris [8:40 PM] Grass!

george_galuschak [8:40 PM] Morris is pawing the screen

chialynn [8:41 PM] He’s hoping that snake comes back.

george_galuschak [8:41 PM] that’s not the only pawing going on

chris [8:41 PM] well, Kevin is a little better at this than the Halloween guy

george_galuschak [8:41 PM] hey, there’s whatshisface!!!!

chris [8:41 PM] is that Ned?

george_galuschak [8:42 PM] racist Indian dude!

chialynn [8:42 PM]

Where there’s sex, there’s Ned.

chialynn [8:42] Whether you wanted him there or not.

chialynn [8:42] So, it’s an equal-opportunity slasher.

chris [8:42 PM] “You’re lying on my bladder.” Speak to me sweet nothings

george_galuschak [8:42 PM] it’s cold because the killer opened the door!

chialynn [8:43 PM] “It’s getting cold in here. I’ll put my tank-top back on, instead of pulling up the blankets.”

george_galuschak [8:44 PM] they’re drinking BUDWEISER, THE KING OF BEERS!

george_galuschak [8:44] He’s lightin’ up!

chris [8:44 PM] would two girls really play strip poker with one guy? not great odds for them

george_galuschak [8:44 PM] okay, now that was pretty good

chris [8:44 PM] bye bye, Bacon

george_galuschak [8:44 PM] hey, she must be related to Halloween Annie!!! Running around


george_galuschak [8:45]  maybe they’re sisters?

george_galuschak [8:46]  no, this isn’t creepy at all

george_galuschak [8:46] Ladies and Gentlemen, this year’s Darwin Award WINNER!!!

chris [8:46 PM] Dated pop culture references no one understands anymore!

chialynn [8:47 PM] Was that a Katherine Hepburn impersonation?

chris [8:47 PM] yep!


chialynn [8:48 PM] She’s sure in no hurry to get back to her boyfriend.

chris [8:48 PM] he gave her what she wanted

chialynn [8:48 PM] Because who wouldn’t rather hang out in a dark, chilly outhouse than snuggle in bed with Kevin Bacon?

george_galuschak [8:49 PM] Look they’re half-naked

george_galuschak [8:49] why doesn’t she put her clothes back on?

chris [8:49 PM] Did she leave her clothes?

chialynn [8:49 PM] I think she’s carrying them.

chialynn [8:49] That makes sense.

george_galuschak [8:50 PM] sure, it’s a cold, wet night. run out half-naked

chialynn [8:50 PM] Why is the boss still in town?

chialynn [8:50] It’s only 20 miles—he’s been there all day.

george_galuschak [8:50 PM] he’s enjoying some great pie!

george_galuschak [8:50] flirting with the waitress

george_galuschak [8:50] he’s a charmer!

chialynn [8:50 PM] Those are some glasses she’s wearing.

george_galuschak [8:50 PM] Is that Rosie from the Bounty Towel commercials?

chris [8:50 PM] Equal opportunity creeper

chialynn [8:51 PM] He really is.

chialynn [8:51 PM] He just loves women. All ages, all sizes, all shapes.

george_galuschak [8:51 PM] he also loves hanging out in diners for hours on end

chialynn [8:51 PM] Lots of women to ogle.

george_galuschak [8:51 PM] while his employees dry hump each other

chialynn [8:52 PM] Don’t you bet he writes poetry on napkins and insists on reciting it to the muses who inspired it?

george_galuschak [8:52 PM] he probably talks about his time in the AGENCY and how he doesn’t like to talk about it

chris [8:52 PM] he can’t help it

george_galuschak [8:53 PM] HE CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELIN’ ANYMORE!!!

george_galuschak [8:53] you know, I’d probably piss in the woods or hold it in

chialynn [8:53 PM] “Ned, is that you?”

george_galuschak [8:53 PM] that is one seriously fucking creepy restroom

george_galuschak [8:53] HE RAN OUT OF GAS

chris [8:54 PM] You’re supposed to pull that on the way to Makeout Point (edited)

chialynn [8:54 PM] If only there’d been a woman at the gas station, instead of a dog, he might have remembered to stop by.

george_galuschak [8:55 PM] love the orange taffeta bathrobe

george_galuschak [8:55] what, they don’t have electricity?

george_galuschak [8:55] boy, this place sucks

chris [8:55 PM] Steve forgot to pay the bill

george_galuschak [8:55 PM] what’s she reading?

george_galuschak [8:56 PM] yes, go outside, that’s a wonderful idea

chialynn [8:56 PM] That’s a very bright candle she’s got there.

chialynn [8:57] I think her candle’s brighter than her flashlight.

george_galuschak [8:57 PM] Bobby? Cindy? Where are you?!?!

chialynn [8:58 PM] Oh, there’s the electricity.

george_galuschak [8:58 PM] look, she’s getting wet!

chialynn [8:58 PM] All of it. All at once.

george_galuschak [8:59 PM] here’s the FLOODS pants girl

chialynn [8:59 PM] In her polyester blouse, because 1980.

chris [8:59 PM] She reminds me of the girl in Airplane who had a seizure

george_galuschak [8:59 PM] Hey, it’s Bill and his machete!

chialynn [8:59 PM] Why won’t they show us the titles of any of the books?

george_galuschak [9:00 PM] she and BILL are on their way to becoming an ITEM!

chris [9:00 PM] wait til Steve finds out

chialynn [9:00 PM] That stuffed raccoon is terrifying.

chialynn [9:00] In a “what the hell was someone thinking?” kind of way.

george_galuschak [9:00 PM] LOOK, THE HATCHET WENT TO BED!

chialynn [9:01 PM] “This isn’t funny, Ned.”

chris [9:01 PM] That would be your cue to GTFO

chris [9:01 PM] they have a working phone?

george_galuschak [9:01 PM] yes, call 867-5309!

chris [9:01] Jason, Jason, who can I turn to

chialynn [9:02 PM] That’s the first sensible idea anyone in this movie has had.

chris [9:02 PM] dime payphone!

george_galuschak [9:02 PM] oh no, the car’s dead!

chialynn [9:03 PM] Shoulda listened to Ralph.

george_galuschak [9:03 PM] “Don’t worry, STEVE will be back in his LOVE-MOBILE soon!”

chris [9:03 PM] trust your instincts, girl

chialynn [9:03 PM] “It’s wet. Cars don’t work when it’s wet.”

chris [9:04 PM]

she wanted to leave Steve, she wanted to bail on the camp. And yet

george_galuschak [9:04 PM] they’re pretty busy for cops in that area

chris [9:04 PM] jaws of life accident on a country road?

george_galuschak [9:05 PM] Coincidence, the CRAZY GLUE of horror movies!!!

chris [9:05 PM] creep no more

george_galuschak [9:05 PM] Bye, Steve!

chialynn [9:06 PM] And there goes the gennie…

george_galuschak [9:07 PM] everyone’s vanished, the car won’t work and the lights just went out

george_galuschak [9:07] EVERYTHING’S FINE!

chialynn [9:07 PM] “I should go back outside.”

chris [9:07 PM] yes, have a nap

george_galuschak [9:08 PM] see, she should’ve had the blood dream

george_galuschak [9:08] would’ve made more sense

chris [9:08 PM] Raining blood!

chialynn [9:09 PM] He sure knows a lot about generators.

george_galuschak [9:09 PM] I think the lesson we can take from this movie is that teenagers are stupid

chris [9:09 PM] which, I buy that more than them being hyper-competent world-savers

george_galuschak [9:10 PM] HEY NOW, IT’S FIND THE BODIES TIME!!!

chialynn [9:11 PM] Two cans of drip coffee, she reaches for the instant.

george_galuschak [9:11 PM] BUT THE INSTANT TASTES BETTER!

george_galuschak [9:11] she’s doing a lot of emoting also

george_galuschak [9:11] subtle emoting

george_galuschak [9:11] yet effective

george_galuschak [9:12] hey, did he get shot in the dick?

chialynn [9:13 PM] He got shot all over.

george_galuschak [9:13 PM] she sure knows a lot about knots

chris [9:13 PM] I sure hope the door opens outward

chris [9:14] the windows, girl

chialynn [9:14 PM] She drew the curtains! Isn’t that enough?

george_galuschak [9:15 PM] Note to self: make sure nobody’s in the cabin before barricading self in cabin

george_galuschak [9:15] what, is she going to make some marshmallows?

george_galuschak [9:16] BODY #2!!!

george_galuschak [9:16 PM]

why is she crawling on the floor?

chialynn [9:16 PM]

Same reason Laurie took a little nap after killing Michael Myers the first two times.

george_galuschak [9:17 PM] IT’S MRS. VOORHEES!!!

chialynn [9:18 PM] I’ve been mispronouncing Vorhees all this time.

george_galuschak [9:18 PM] she was the cook, just like Annie!!!

george_galuschak [9:19] FLASHBACK!!!


chialynn [9:20 PM] I appreciate the effort to make her sympathetic.

chris [9:20 PM] Betsy Palmer sells it

george_galuschak [9:20 PM] BODY #3!

george_galuschak [9:21] BODY #4!

chialynn [9:21 PM] How many white sweaters does she own?

chialynn [9:21 PM] Because you know you’re never getting the bloodstains out.

chris [9:22 PM] There’s a great quote in Crystal Lake Memories. A producer loved the way she laughs a little between lines. She’s crazy, she knows she’s crazy, and she doesn’t care!

george_galuschak [9:23 PM] That’s right! throw the big ball of string at her!

george_galuschak [9:23] slap fight!

george_galuschak [9:23] oh, that’s gotta hurt

chialynn [9:25 PM] “No place to hide, except the woods, the creepy outhouse, several cabins…”

chialynn [9:26] Cowgirl up and get in the Jeep with the dead cook, Alice.

george_galuschak [9:27 PM] HERE’S MRS. VOORHEEES!!

chris [9:27 PM] they never, ever make sure

chialynn [9:27 PM] Cast iron skillets. The most versatile of kitchen tools.

george_galuschak [9:27 PM] might not hurt to give her a few more whacks

george_galuschak [9:28 PM] reverie by the lake!!!

chialynn [9:28 PM] That canoe’s gonna be full of rainwater.

chris [9:28 PM] Mrs. Voorhees fights dirty

chialynn [9:29 PM] Hair pulling!

george_galuschak [9:29 PM] HOLE IN ONE!!!

chris [9:30 PM] that was a good shot

chialynn [9:30 PM] Dang. She’s strong.

chialynn [9:30] And that machete is sharp.

chris [9:30 PM] all that fending off Steve has paid off

chialynn [9:31 PM] Sure, now the cops show up.

george_galuschak [9:32 PM] GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!!!

chialynn [9:32 PM] You know hick cop’s going to think she got all whacked out on Colombian Gold and did it herself.

chialynn [9:32 PM] Ah. That ending.

chialynn [9:33 PM] Shades of Carrie.

chris [9:33 PM] Jason supposedly had hydrocephalus

george_galuschak [9:34 PM] He also must have scuba diving equipment

chris [9:35 PM] credits!

chialynn [9:35 PM] Obvious influences include Halloween and Psycho.

chris [9:35 PM] it’s not a great movie, but for me the last 1/3 makes up for it. I love Mrs. Voorhees

george_galuschak [9:36 PM] It’s effective at what it does

chris [9:36 PM] funny, because usually it’s the other way around. A lot of slasher films end weak.

chialynn [9:37 PM] It definitely relies a bit on Idiot Plot.

george_galuschak [9:37 PM] well, all the characters are idiots, so yes

chialynn [9:37 PM] Wonder whatever happened to Ol’ Crazy Ralph?

george_galuschak [9:37 PM] he dies in the second movie

chris [9:37 PM] apparently Gene Siskel was infuriated because Betsy Palmer was a reputable actress and HOW DARE she make a movie like this

chialynn [9:37 PM] Wikipedia says she needed money to fix her car. So she read the script, pronounced it a piece of shit, and took the check.

chris [9:38 PM] makes sense

george_galuschak [9:38 PM] she’s the best thing about the movie

chris [9:38 PM] she chews the scenery in just the right way, I think

chris [9:38 PM] I saw an article where they tried to add a scene to Jason X where he reunites with his mommy, but they couldn’t get her to come back

chris [9:38 PM] honestly, I think that’s probably why Jason became so popular. The unrelenting killer who’s also a mama’s boy

chialynn [9:40 PM] Like Psycho.

chris [9:41] what doesn’t make sense is, he drowned 20 years ago, shows up as a boy in this movie, then he’s full grown

chris [9:42] I guess that could have been Alice’s delusion

george_galuschak [9:43 PM] that’s what I always figured

chialynn [9:44 PM] I wanna know why steve suddenly decided to re-open the camp. I guess he needed money, since he couldn’t be bothered to hire, say, carpenters.

george_galuschak [9:45 PM] probably so he could practice his smooth moves on the counselors

chialynn [9:46 PM] “Well, I’ve already charmed every waitress in town, guess I’ll hire some teenagers I can sexually harass.”

chris [9:46 PM] yeah, it was an excuse to hire a bunch of nubile teens

chialynn [9:46 PM] And make them fix the rain gutters.

chris [9:46 PM] haha

chris [9:47] better view at the bottom of the ladder

george_galuschak [9:47 PM] except when they arrived, he took off to the town speakeasy/diner

george_galuschak [9:47] I guess we’ll never know what motivated steve

chialynn [9:47 PM] Steve, International Man of Mystery.

chris [9:47 PM] pretty much everyone but Kevin Bacon is in the documentary. I wonder if he’s disowned the whole thing.


chialynn [9:49 PM] Is he the only one who went on to have a mainstream career? Who didn’t already have one, I mean?

chris [9:50 PM] from that one, I think so (edited)

george_galuschak [9:51 PM] one of the actors was bing crosby’s son, according to wikipedia

chris [9:52 PM] oh yeah! they mentioned that

chialynn [9:53 PM] Honestly, the acting wasn’t bad, if you make allowances for the dialog. Just occasionally a bit much.

chialynn [9:54 PM] Maybe because we just watched Halloween, or maybe because I see so much Psycho in it, that felt less like the start of a new branch of horror, and more like a continuation of something.

chris [9:55 PM] oh, it was a ripoff of many things, no question

chris [9:55] and you can see that it took them several movies to even develop the iconic bits, Jason with the hockey mask, etc

george_galuschak [9:56 PM] they did the jay jay jay hah hah hah thing right off the bat, though

chris [9:56 PM] yeah, the composer talks about that. he said he took the part with Mrs. Voorhees saying “Kill her mommy!:” and shortened it

george_galuschak [9:58 PM] as you say, the last third of the movie has a manic energy

chialynn [9:58 PM] It does take a while to get started. Despite the sexy bits.

chris [9:58 PM] the discovery of all the bodies was a unique element

george_galuschak [9:59 PM] no, Jamie lee found the bodies in halloween

chris [9:59 PM] oh, I guess so. but I think it was better done here

george_galuschak [10:00 PM] this movie showed a lot more sex

chialynn [10:03 PM] Sex was explicitly the motive for the killings in this one, even if not all of the characters had sex.

chris [10:04 PM] It is interesting that it was Friday the 13th that became more successful, even though Halloween was better made. Maybe it’s because they never developed Michael Myers into anything but a non-entity, while Jason got more and more strongly defined

george_galuschak [10:08 PM] the dialogue in this movie was cringe-worthy

chialynn [10:08 PM] It really was.

george_galuschak [10:08 PM] surprisingly, it wasn’t that mean-spirited

george_galuschak [10:09] some slasher movies of that time period really are

chialynn [10:09 PM] Ned and Steve are jerks, but I wasn’t rooting for anyone to die.

chris [10:10 PM] it’s weird they didn’t do more with Ned. He was a jerk for a while, and then died offscreen

george_galuschak [10:11] I think Ned’s death scene probably was cut out

chris [10:13 PM] I seriously could have sworn that girl backed into the target in the rain and got nailed to it

george_galuschak [10:13 PM] they never showed her body

chris [10:14 PM] there might be another archery death in one of the other films. they all become a blur at some point

george_galuschak [10:14 PM] it got confusing as to who was who, especially since they didn’t give any of the characters real personalities

chris [10:14 PM] they gave Ned one, and then offed him right away

george_galuschak [10:15 PM] they probably hated him, also!

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