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Published October 29, 2018

chris [9:36 PM] Let the Right One In!

cathschaffstump [9:36 PM] Let the Right One In!

chialynn [9:37 PM] Let the Right One In!

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] LET THE RIGHT ONE IN!!!

chris [9:40 PM] starring Haley Joel Osment

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] omg its SVEND AGAIN

chris [9:41 PM] get your lingenberries ready

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] snooooow

chialynn [9:41 PM] It’s just two hours of white titles on a black background, isn’t it?

cathschaffstump [9:43 PM] Yes. It’s Swedish.

chialynn [9:44 PM] Oh, sad little blond boy. You are so blond. And so sad.

cathschaffstump [9:44 PM] So…new neighbors!

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] BLOCK UP THOSE WINDOWS

cathschaffstump [9:45 PM] And children with knives. That’s not a problem.

chialynn [9:45 PM] New neighbors in a horror movie are never a good sign.

chris [9:45 PM] Hi! Don’t mind me, just taking a piss

cathschaffstump [9:45 PM] He looks like Buster Brown. A bit.

george_galuschak [9:45 PM] Ahh, Sweden. The land of ice and snow

chialynn [9:46 PM] When the cops came to my school, they talked about drugs, not murder. I feel like I missed out.
chialynn [9:46 PM] Oh, there are the drugs.

george_galuschak [9:46 PM] they’re mean!!!

chris [9:47 PM] Frank Booth!

george_galuschak [9:48 PM] is he a dentist or something? or something…

george_galuschak [9:48 PM] yeah, he looks very unobtrusive

chris [9:48 PM] subtle! ASK ME ABOUT MY HALOTHANE

george_galuschak [9:49 PM] is this a new type of yoga? rope yoga!!!

chialynn [9:49 PM] The woods are silent, dark, and deep…

george_galuschak [9:50 PM] love the plastic poncho. gotta stay neat while you’re slicing up them bodies!

cathschaffstump [9:50 PM] You can’t really get blood out of wool well.

george_galuschak [9:50 PM] I KNOW

chialynn [9:50 PM] “It was a suicide. He strung himself up in that tree. Upside down. With the halothane and all.”

cathschaffstump [9:50 PM] Nice use of camera. The way he slits the throat and we just see drainage.

chris [9:51 PM] attack poodle

cathschaffstump [9:51 PM] Don’t get blood on the poodle, guy.

chris [9:51 PM] Precious will get the hose again

cathschaffstump [9:51 PM] Ah shit. No blood. Damn poodle.

chialynn [9:51 PM] Oh, Rickey. Must you?

george_galuschak [9:51 PM] Number 15 Most Competent Killer in Sweden!

cathschaffstump [9:52 PM] Oh, lucky for the poodle. Yum.

cathschaffstump [9:52 PM] Back to our young hero with knife.

chialynn [9:53 PM] Child watches a lot of American movies, doesn’t he?

george_galuschak [9:53 PM] oh, they have violent movies in Sweden also!

cathschaffstump [9:54 PM] My new neighbor does not need a coat because she’s from Antarctica.

chialynn [9:54 PM] I think that was a Taxi Driver reference, though. Deliverance, too.

cathschaffstump [9:54 PM] I was thinking Deliverance.

george_galuschak [9:54 PM] dammit, I FORGOT THE BLOOD

chris [9:55 PM] He should have just exsanguinated the poodle, too

cathschaffstump [9:55 PM] Yeah. Then the vampire wouldn’t have thrown a hissy fit.

george_galuschak [9:55 PM] OSKAR takes lots of crap!

chris [9:55 PM] The remake should have just used a CGI Macaulay Culkin

cathschaffstump [9:56 PM] Kids are brutes. The little dears.


cathschaffstump [9:57 PM] I like knives. A lot.

chialynn [9:57 PM] “I read a lot of books, by which I mean my murder scrapbook, that I keep as a perfectly normal and healthy hobby.”

cathschaffstump [9:58 PM] I…researching all of this for a novel I plan to write. Honest!

chialynn [9:58 PM] ::hides murder scrapbook::

chialynn [9:58 PM] Cancer is contagious? Is that what he thinks?

cathschaffstump [10:00 PM] Must be Russian. Not friendly.

chris [10:00 PM] it’s Darlene from Roseanne

chialynn [10:00 PM] Rubik’s Cube! I never was any good with those. Probably because I’m not a vampire.

cathschaffstump [10:00 PM] Oh me neither.

george_galuschak [10:01 PM] it’s easy – just peel off the stickers and rearrange them!

chialynn [10:01 PM] I took mine apart and put it back together a few times.

cathschaffstump [10:01 PM] I don’t have a cadaverous pallor. Okay, I do, because I NEED BLOOD!

chris [10:01 PM] is that part of vampire lore?

chialynn [10:01 PM] It’s like counting rice, is my guess.

george_galuschak [10:02 PM] Oskar needs work on his social skills…

cathschaffstump [10:03 PM] Nah. He learns all he needs from his murder scrapbook.

chialynn [10:03 PM] “I’ve forgotten how to be cold” is brilliant.

cathschaffstump [10:03 PM] Hungry. So hungry. Her eyes are huge.

chris [10:04 PM] Don’t look under a bridge in Sweden

chialynn [10:04 PM] Between the trolls and the vampires.

george_galuschak [10:04 PM] yeah. don’t help her.

chris [10:04 PM] tsk tsk

cathschaffstump [10:04 PM] No shit. Well, she did say she was going to do it herself.

chialynn [10:05 PM] What a nice man. What a damn shame.

cathschaffstump [10:05 PM] Her stomach is still growling. That is cool.

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] ahh, that hit the spot!

cathschaffstump [10:05 PM] She throbs like a tick. Yeah. That blood. Never coming out. But she cries. That is so cool.

chialynn [10:06 PM] I don’t think I’ve seen a vampire movie before where the vampire lives in an apartment building.

cathschaffstump [10:06 PM] Democratic Socialist Vampire movie.

chialynn [10:07 PM] It adds an intimacy and claustrophobic feel that I like.

chris [10:07 PM] crazy cat lady

george_galuschak [10:07 PM] Gosta, you smell like cat piss!!!

cathschaffstump [10:07 PM] At the Sun Palace, people smoke and drink.

chialynn [10:08 PM] The snow looks like ashes.

george_galuschak [10:08 PM] oooh, are they going for a sleigh ride?!?!

chialynn [10:08 PM] Slay ride?

cathschaffstump [10:08 PM] That’s what I thought too. About the ashes.

george_galuschak [10:08 PM] he’s taking a SLAY RIDE with his new CORPSE FRIEND!

cathschaffstump [10:08 PM] Sucks being this old guy. Bodies are heavy.

chialynn [10:09 PM] This one won’t float until spring.

chris [10:09 PM] but can she do sudoku?

cathschaffstump [10:10 PM] I bet she just peeled off all the stickers and put them back on.

george_galuschak [10:10 PM] WINTER WONDERLAND 9 OUT OF 12 MONTHS PER YEAR

chialynn [10:11 PM] It would suck to be a Nordic vampire in the summer. When the sun never really sets.

chris [10:11 PM] How old am I? 12… hundred

cathschaffstump [10:11 PM] Reading The Hobbit in Swedish.

chialynn [10:14 PM] Huh. A school where they let 12-year-olds hang out in the classrooms alone.

george_galuschak [10:15 PM] at least they’re not SNIFFING GLUE

cathschaffstump [10:15 PM] It’s snowing again.

chialynn [10:15 PM] Very not-an-American middle school. Not that the adults pay any attention outside of school either, apparently. (Absent adults are, again, a theme.)

cathschaffstump [10:15 PM] Mother fucking bullies. (Yeah, I got strong feelings about this kind of shit.) Unobservant, absent mother. It’s all good. Tell your undead friend all about it.

chialynn [10:18 PM] “Hit back. Or just eat them. That’s what I do.”

cathschaffstump [10:18 PM] bwaha!

chris [10:18 PM] Lots of voyeurs in the building

cathschaffstump [10:18 PM] I can help you…eat them.

chialynn [10:19 PM] She put on a sweater. Did she remember how to be cold, or just remember that people expect her to be?

chris [10:19 PM] SWEDR?

cathschaffstump [10:19 PM] Swedish people can’t get enough of looking at snow.

chialynn [10:19 PM] I guess he’s her Renfield?

cathschaffstump [10:20 PM] Just so.

george_galuschak [10:20 PM] well, the book explains a lot more than the movie

cathschaffstump [10:20 PM] You’ve read the book?

george_galuschak [10:20 PM] yup! Eli starts making an effort to look and act normal, thus the sweater.

cathschaffstump [10:20 PM] Cool.

george_galuschak [10:20 PM] KITTY

chialynn [10:21 PM] Kitty disapproves.

cathschaffstump [10:21 PM] Cats hate vampires. I don’t eat…candy.

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] Cats hate everything

chris [10:21 PM] he fucked up her ketosis

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] wow, that was good candy!

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] wtf?

chris [10:22 PM] No, I don’t like you., I just hug random people

george_galuschak [10:22 PM] what am I supposed to do when people hug me?

chialynn [10:23 PM] Just stand there awkwardly, honey. That’s what the rest of us do.

chris [10:23 PM] Swedish red! That color is the official color of country houses

chialynn [10:23 PM] Ah, the countryside. So wholesome.

cathschaffstump [10:23 PM] So full of rvs.

chris [10:23 PM] it’s because of some prevalent pigment they had available

cathschaffstump [10:23 PM] And Lingonberries.

chris [10:24 PM] murder kit

cathschaffstump [10:24 PM] We get that color around here too, and you can always tell who might have come from Sweden. Okay. We’re trying this again. This time, I’m coming back with some blood.

george_galuschak [10:24 PM] I LIKE TO JAR MY PEE!

chris [10:25 PM] Why is she looking peaked? She dined on that poor helpful dude

chialynn [10:25 PM] “What? It’s not like I keep a murder scrapbook, not like _some_ people I could mention.” Chris, you know what teenagers are like. Always hungry.

cathschaffstump [10:26 PM] Let’s kill a high school kid. They are a renewable resource.

chris [10:26 PM] *_I N E P T_*

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] yeah, he sort of is, isn’t he?

chialynn [10:27 PM] Damned automatic lights. Hapless. Hopeless.

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] WORST KILLER EVER

cathschaffstump [10:27 PM] This guy is having some pretty rotten luck, I gotta say.

chialynn [10:27 PM] You just can’t get good help these days.

cathschaffstump [10:27 PM] Goes out for groceries, and well…Ah fuck. I’m just sitting here, he’s talking, I got pee on my jacket…

chris [10:28 PM] Leave me alone with my jar o’ piss

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] I wonder how it tastes?

chialynn [10:28 PM] They broke down the door with a Dalek.

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] here’s MUD IN YER EYE!

cathschaffstump [10:29 PM] I feel sorry for this guy. It might be the poignant music, or the startled look on his face. Keep pushing, Oskar. In a year, you’ll be lifting double that.

chialynn [10:30 PM] Oh, for heaven’s sake. Why do you have any plates on that bar, child? You’re going to hurt yourself. Start light, build up.

cathschaffstump [10:30 PM] Yeah, bullies Right? Because the bar is heavy already.

chialynn [10:31 PM] And his teacher sitting there letting him struggle, not even noticing how bad his form is. Bad coach.

cathschaffstump [10:31 PM] No kidding. Where’s his spotter?

george_galuschak [10:31 PM] hahaha she forgot her shoes

chris [10:31 PM] “What’s your dad’s name?” “VLAD”

chris [10:31 PM] Kill the nurse!


cathschaffstump [10:33 PM] So, he burned himself, or it was acid?

george_galuschak [10:33 PM] acid

cathschaffstump [10:33 PM] Looks like acid.

george_galuschak [10:33 PM] “you look good! “Did you change your hair style or something?”

chris [10:33 PM] Two-face

cathschaffstump [10:33 PM] Christ. How horrible. And he’s gone.

chialynn [10:34 PM] Oof.

chris [10:34 PM]
Why the acid?

chialynn [10:34 PM]
That was brutal.

george_galuschak [10:34 PM] so they couldn’t identify him

cathschaffstump [10:34 PM] But why did he need the acid in the first place, for the murder?

chris [10:34 PM] He’d better dissolve more than half his face haha

george_galuschak [10:35 PM] he brought the acid to splash on his face if he got caught so they wouldn’t be able to trace him back to eli

cathschaffstump [10:35 PM] Now that’s planning.

george_galuschak [10:35 PM] if his face was in the papers, the people at the apartment complex would know who he was

cathschaffstump [10:35 PM] Eli can’t come in unless he is invited. Traditional. No, YOU’ve got blood on YOUR lips.

chialynn [10:37 PM] “Nobody’s perfect.”

george_galuschak [10:37 PM] already grooming the NEW FAMILIAR

cathschaffstump [10:37 PM] Gotta have one.

chialynn [10:37 PM] “You’re an undead monster, I’m sad and pale.”

cathschaffstump [10:38 PM] Oskar’s life kind of sucks anyway. This could be a step up.

chialynn [10:38 PM] “We were made for each other.”

chris [10:38 PM] If Geezer put as much planning into his murders as he did into getting caught, they wouldn’t be in this mess

cathschaffstump [10:38 PM] Right? Because acid. hat wall makes them look like they are outside, which I suspect is not a coincidence.

cathschaffstump [10:38 PM] Just can’t get enough snow. Gotta open the window. Look at snow.

george_galuschak [10:39 PM] FIELD TRIP!

chialynn [10:39 PM] Snow is shiny and uncomplicated. Unlike everything else in this movie.

cathschaffstump [10:40 PM] yeah. Watch out for the ice pit. So Sweden. Hey, bully kid. Let me show you the ice hole…

chialynn [10:41 PM] Oh, hey. I recognize that pole.

george_galuschak [10:41 PM] SYMBOLISM!

chris [10:41 PM] Sweden, where everyone pisses outside

george_galuschak [10:42 PM] ouch!

chris [10:42 PM] Speak softly

chialynn [10:43 PM] Oh, Oskar. You should have waited for him to hit you.

cathschaffstump [10:43 PM] That was a pretty good whack. So liberating.

chialynn [10:43 PM] Though maybe it’ll be worth the trouble you’re in.

george_galuschak [10:43 PM] HUMANSICLE!

cathschaffstump [10:43 PM] Jocke was such a nice guy.

chialynn [10:43 PM] Guess he floated after all.

chialynn [10:44 PM] His form’s getting better!

cathschaffstump [10:45 PM] Right? But it sucks when you have too much weight.

chialynn [10:45 PM] It does.

chris [10:45 PM] Night swim?

chialynn [10:45 PM] It’s winter in Sweden. It’s always night.

cathschaffstump [10:45 PM] I need a little something.

george_galuschak [10:45 PM] ah yes, the ole’ Indian blood pact!

cathschaffstump [10:45 PM] Blood, maybe? Me with my favorite not-girl-not-human. And my knife.

george_galuschak [10:47 PM] THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL, RIGHT? RIGHT?!?!

cathschaffstump [10:48 PM] Um…yeah.

chris [10:48 PM] Do vampires get periods?

cathschaffstump [10:48 PM] Don’t stay, kid. Rejected again.

cathschaffstump [10:49 PM] You need all those cats in Sweden to stay warm.

chris [10:49 PM] Fix me a pot pie!

george_galuschak [10:50 PM] hahaha you screwed up dude

chialynn [10:50 PM] Of course I’m cold! We live in Sweden!

cathschaffstump [10:50 PM] Who gets eaten? Lacke or Virginia?

chialynn [10:51 PM] Drop bear!

cathschaffstump [10:51 PM] Well, that answered that.

chris [10:51 PM] I can’t decide if all the murderers in this town are incompetent or all the towns people are exceptionally resilient

george_galuschak [10:51 PM] she’s hungry so she’s getting careless

cathschaffstump [10:51 PM] Why not both? But yeah, they gotta know it was Eli who took a bite out of Virginia, right?

chris [10:52 PM] It’s like the villagers in all the Universal movies. They get tired of that shit and go get their pitchforks

george_galuschak [10:52 PM] WELL I GOT THE DTS!

cathschaffstump [10:53 PM] Ah. Virginia has…the hunger.

chris [10:53 PM] Might want to get that looked at

george_galuschak [10:53 PM] PINK BUGS COMING OUT OF THE WALLS

chialynn [10:53 PM] Ginia, you might wanna get that looked at.

chialynn [10:54 PM] Though I’m not sure what the doctor’s going to make of your photophobia and the holes in your neck.

cathschaffstump [10:54 PM] Oskar’s dad is a handsome devil, isn’t he?

chialynn [10:54 PM] Socks and sandals and snow.

chris [10:55 PM] They’re playing the “Bruce Banner walking away” music!

chialynn [10:55 PM] Dude, you can get schnockered with your friend after Oskar goes home. Or at least goes to bed.

george_galuschak [10:55 PM] MY DAD THE DRUNK

cathschaffstump [10:56 PM] To flee is life. To linger, death.

chialynn [10:56 PM] Poor kid should have at least one useful parent.

cathschaffstump [10:56 PM] Yes. Meet Virginia.

cathschaffstump [10:57 PM] NOW Jacke is going to get eaten.

chialynn [10:57 PM] Virginia is having a very bad day.

chris [10:57 PM] Hahaha

george_galuschak [10:57 PM] oh hai Virginia you’re looking dead tonight

chris [10:57 PM] Toonces gone bad

cathschaffstump [10:57 PM] Check out these cats.

george_galuschak [10:58 PM] cat tossing new Winter Olympic sport

cathschaffstump [10:58 PM] Man, your life was just saved by cats.

chialynn [10:58 PM] Falling downstairs, covered in cats, is no way to spend a Saturday night.

cathschaffstump [10:59 PM] Welcome to my very spare apartment. Valiant effort, Eli.

chialynn [10:59 PM] Interior doors with glass insets are weird.

cathschaffstump [11:00 PM] “Are you a vampire?”

chris [11:00 PM] The direct approach!

cathschaffstump [11:00 PM] “I live off blood.” That would be a yes.

chialynn [11:00 PM] The blood under Eli’s fingernails is a nice touch.

chris [11:00 PM] “Are you like, poor and stuff?”

chialynn [11:00 PM] God, I’m glad I didn’t have to be 12 for a long time.

cathschaffstump [11:01 PM] No shit. I guess she’s not so poor after all.

chris [11:02 PM] It’s a lot.

chialynn [11:02 PM] Oskar’s learned to stand up for himself. At least a little.

cathschaffstump [11:03 PM] NOW Jacke’s going to get eaten.

chris [11:03 PM] They didn’t report any of this?

george_galuschak [11:03 PM] they’re drunks

cathschaffstump [11:03 PM] Oh, my bad. Lacke.

george_galuschak [11:04 PM] they’ve got the DT bugs swarming all over them

chialynn [11:04 PM] Ugh, detoxing _while_ you turn into a vampire. That’s gotta hurt.

cathschaffstump [11:04 PM] Pacing and brushing and pacing.

chialynn [11:04 PM] Fresh snow! Weird!

cathschaffstump [11:04 PM] That’s some Swedish sculpture.

chialynn [11:4 PM] Dude. You do not need to take the restraints off to get a blood sample.

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] don’t open the blinds!

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] told you!!!

chris [11:05 PM] Spontaneous vampire combustion

cathschaffstump [11:05 PM] Problem solved!

chris [11:06 PM] She didn’t get to eat Lacke

cathschaffstump [11:06 PM] So, I’m a vampire, but I’m clean now.

chialynn [11:07 PM] Oskar is a terrible mime. And being kind of a dick. I guess it’s hard, to be 12 and realize your first love is an undead monster.

cathschaffstump [11:08 PM] Wow. That blood thing. Pretty amazing.

chialynn [11:08 PM] “I’m sorry I nearly killed you. Even if you are dead already.”

cathschaffstump [11:09 PM] Burn. She sees right through him. Sweden. Where record players go to die.

chialynn [11:12 PM] Who doesn’t wake up when someone turns on the light?

cathschaffstump [11:12 PM] ?!!?!

chialynn [11:12 PM] Is she sleeping with Prince Valium tonight?

cathschaffstump [11:12 PM] His parents really, really suck.

george_galuschak [11:13 PM] we all have problems, I guess

cathschaffstump [11:13 PM] Eli still working on Oskar. Lacke still working out his issues. I’m coming for you. Because Virginia.

george_galuschak [11:14 PM] nice denim jacket!

cathschaffstump [11:16 PM] The tension mounts.

george_galuschak [11:16 PM] there hasn’t been any dialogue for the last ten minutes

cathschaffstump [11:16 PM] Definitely not an American film.

chris [11:17 PM] Finally

chialynn [11:17 PM] If there’s a knife in the first act…

george_galuschak [11:17 PM] don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing a bite to eat

cathschaffstump [11:17 PM] I just like how Oskar closes the door. Just enough, but not quite.

chris [11:17 PM] Damn Neighbors

cathschaffstump [11:18 PM] You vampires! Keep it down!

chris [11:18 PM] Children of the Night. Shut up!

chialynn [11:18 PM] But they make such beautiful music!

cathschaffstump [11:18 PM] Mmm. Nice bloody kiss.

chialynn [11:19 PM] Meanwhile, there’s a dead man on the floor and his fingerprints are all over the apartment. And a murder scrapbook under his bed.

cathschaffstump [11:20 PM] Most incriminating of all…smurfs amongst his model cars.
And she’s gone. All alone in his underwear, reflected in the glass.

chialynn [11:21 PM] Again.

cathschaffstump [11:21 PM] This is kind of empty, and it sucks.

chris [11:21 PM] The Girl Who Kicked the Drunkard’s Ass

cathschaffstump [11:22 PM] Desolate, like an Ingmar Bergman film. Bad, like pool in Swedish, but bad in English.

chialynn [11:23 PM] Bad shit is about to go down.

cathschaffstump [11:24 PM] Most teachers are easily distracted by fire. We had a drill just today. Okay. Here we go.

chris [11:25 PM] EVIL KIDS

chialynn [11:25 PM] Oskar. Do not get out of the pool. Or get close enough for him to touch you. What are you doing? Swim to the middle and make him come after you.

cathschaffstump [11:27 PM] What have we done?

chialynn [11:27 PM] Valdez is coming back. At some point.

cathschaffstump [11:27 PM] What?

chris [11:28 PM] That wasn’t as gnarly as I remembered

chialynn [11:28 PM] Oh. Hi, Eli.

cathschaffstump [11:28 PM] The arm drop, though. That was nice. I remember it being more impactful too. Maybe because I was waiting for it. Did she leave the blond sitting kid alive?
He was crying.

george_galuschak [11:28 PM] the blond kid let her in

george_galuschak [11:28 PM] that’s why she didn’t kill him

chialynn [11:29 PM] Scarred for life.

cathschaffstump [11:29 PM] Yeah! More snow. Train. Oskar and an inconspicuous box. And that’s it.

cathschaffstump [11:31 PM] Very interesting. So, I’m not sure this was a good choice. I mean yes, understated, classy, and arty.

cathschaffstump [11:32 PM] But not a lot of shots at witty banter. In more ways than one.

cathschaffstump [11:32 PM] Was it a love story? She used him, he used her, and neither one cared. To quote John Cougar. Bob Seger. Sorry.

chris [11:32 PM]
I was just thinking of that. Not the best choice for generating commentary. Though it is a good movie

cathschaffstump [11:32 PM] Right. I should have gone with A Girl Walks Home at Night. Arty AND lots of room for comment. But worth watching.

cathschaffstump [11:34 PM] What did you think of the pool scene, Chia? I remember being quite aghast the first time I saw it, and this time, it was kind of meh.

chialynn [11:34 PM]I knew _something_ was coming, so was at least somewhat prepared.

cathschaffstump [11:34 PM] Dramatic impact and good visual story telling not withstanding.

chris [11:34 PM] If that came out today, the publisher would insist on a 10 book series about Oscar and Eli riding around on trains (edited)

chialynn [11:35 PM] The kicky feet were funny, which I think was intentional.

cathschaffstump [11:35 PM] Which would destroy it. I liked the severed hand floating down the best.

chialynn [11:35 PM] Yes

cathschaffstump [11:35 PM] It was the coup de grace and it meant Oskar was out of danger.

chialynn [11:36 PM] The head was shocking, the hand was just final.

cathschaffstump [11:36 PM] The head was nice. I think that was Mr. Ear. So, a good film. But not reliable for Unreliable Commentary.

chialynn [11:37 PM] Always a challenge to find films that are both good and snark-worthy.

cathschaffstump [11:37 PM] Something to keep in mind for future picks.

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