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Published November 15, 2018

chialynn [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!

cathschaffstump [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!

george_galuschak [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!!!

chialynn [9:38 PM]

chialynn [9:39 PM] I’m looking at a woman’s butt.

george_galuschak [9:39 PM] still on trailers!

george_galuschak [9:39 PM] okay, cine argentino

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Your friends from Argentina bring you….

chialynn [9:40 PM] Tell me when you get to the woman’s butt.

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Still working our way to the butt.

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] got it!

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Washing dishes.

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] let’s go go go!

cathschaffstump [9:41 PM] Sink action…OMG water!

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] BUT IS IT CLEAN ENOUGH?!?!

chialynn [9:41 PM] Novy’s already told me that if this is too scary, he’s going to bed.

cathschaffstump [9:42 PM] We’re talking about voices in the kitchen.

chialynn [9:43 PM] Of course there were voices in the kitchen.

george_galuschak [9:43 PM] he doesn’t believe her!

cathschaffstump [9:43 PM] Don’t be afraid. They were human voices.

chialynn [9:43 PM] He’s actually being very supportive and kind about her hearing voices in the kitchen.

cathschaffstump [9:43 PM] They said they were going to kill me. But don’t be afraid.

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] well, that happens sometimes

chialynn [9:44 PM] I like his skulls and all-seeing eyes t-shirt.

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] yeah, great pjs

chialynn [9:45 PM] Well, that escalated quickly.

cathschaffstump [9:45 PM] What could possibly go wrong?

george_galuschak [9:45 PM] he went outside in his UNDERWEAR!!!

chialynn [9:45 PM] He’s very angry. Too angry to put on pants.

george_galuschak [9:46 PM] yeah, that’s perfectly normal

cathschaffstump [9:46 PM] Wait. That’s not Walter. What was your clue?

chialynn [9:46 PM] “It’s 5am! So I’m going to stand out here yelling and wake up the _rest_ of the neighborhood!”

cathschaffstump [9:47 PM] Woah. The kitchen voices delivered.

george_galuschak [9:47 PM] They did.

chialynn [9:47 PM] So… that happened. A lot.

cathschaffstump [9:48 PM] So, then, our nameless hero finds himself, perhaps on trial for murder?

chialynn [9:48 PM] Ah, very X-Files.

cathschaffstump [9:48 PM] But these MYSTERIOUS older people do not think he did it.

chialynn [9:48 PM] “We believe your unbelievable story.”

george_galuschak [9:49 PM] you have to admit, it’s a very stupid story

cathschaffstump [9:49 PM] Of course this happened in the US in 1998. Shit happens in the US like this all the time.

george_galuschak [9:49 PM] went out to yell at my neighbor at 5 a.m. and then the poltergeists killed my wife

chialynn [9:49 PM] “We are all very intense, and silver-haired, and well-groomed.”

cathschaffstump [9:49 PM] My kind of people.

george_galuschak [9:50 PM] that goddamn Walter!

cathschaffstump [9:50 PM] Flashback to Walter?

george_galuschak [9:50 PM] hard at work remodeling his house at 5 a.m.

george_galuschak [9:50 PM} WALTER! GOOD TO SEE YA, BUDDY!

chialynn [9:51 PM] “Many specialists gave me this number.” Because this is the number they give people they’re tired of talking to.

george_galuschak [9:51 PM] ‘Please stop being a lunatic on the phone’

cathschaffstump [9:51 PM] I had that kind of number when I was an administrator, yeah.

george_galuschak [9:52 PM] ‘hello, public library? I’d like to know where you have the secret government files on the Kennedy assassination please.’

chialynn [9:52 PM] “Right. I’m going to lie down, and you’re not going to move my bed.”

chialynn [9:52 PM] “I thought we had a deal.”

george_galuschak [9:52 PM] yup, I’d be moving out right about now. do not pass go. do not collect $200. just leave.

cathschaffstump [9:53 PM] It’s probably the rent control keeping him there.

george_galuschak [9:53 PM] I’d sleep on the streets

cathschaffstump [9:54 PM] Walter has the same coping skills as I had when I was 8, and afraid of the dark. You go, Walter.

chialynn [9:55 PM] My bed is tall, and heavy, and has underbed storage, and I am never taking it for granted again.
chialynn [9:55 PM] Also, I used to sleep with my head under the covers to protect myself from things in the dark, and now I can’t do that ever again.

george_galuschak [9:55 PM] calling the LUNATIC HOTLINE again!

cathschaffstump [9:55 PM] Dude. Try a different doctor.

cathschaffstump [9:55 PM] Oh. That boat has sailed. I see.

george_galuschak [9:56 PM] “Get bent, sir.”

cathschaffstump [9:56 PM] Mostly the doctor can’t help you, because that actually might solve your problem.

george_galuschak [9:56 PM] Walter, your shirt is untucked!

chialynn [9:57 PM] Walter cannot be arsed with his shirt right now.

cathschaffstump [9:56 PM] I would rather DIE than move.

george_galuschak [9:57 PM] I would move

chialynn [9:57 PM] Any more than Juan could be arsed with his pants.

cathschaffstump [9:57 PM] I mean Walter. Personally, I would be outta there.

george_galuschak [9:57 PM] oh good, you can record it tearing you to pieces!!!

cathschaffstump [9:57 PM] And yeah, it’s a sloppy neighborhood. Nice shadow. Eerie.

george_galuschak [9:58 PM] oboy lookitthat

cathschaffstump [9:58 PM] So, now you’re going to leave, right? I think you should.

george_galuschak [9:59 PM] Walter is going to make a stand. Nobody fucks with his dresser!!!

chialynn [9:59 PM] So, he’s got a gun. This can’t end well.

george_galuschak [9:59 PM] probably not

cathschaffstump [9:59 PM] For his shirts, anyway.

george_galuschak [9:59 PM] GO GET ‘EM, WALTER!!!

cathschaffstump [9:59 PM] And the creature wasn’t wearing any pants. Since it’s part of this neighborhood.

george_galuschak [10:00 PM] hey, it does live under the bed!

george_galuschak [10:00 PM] WALTER LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!

chialynn [10:00 PM] Don’t drink that water, kid.

cathschaffstump [10:00 PM] On the positive side, he doesn’t have to keep calling the doctor.

george_galuschak [10:01 PM] don’t go anywhere near there kid

cathschaffstump [10:01 PM] Remember the accident?

george_galuschak [10:01 PM] oooh!

cathschaffstump [10:02 PM] Okay, that actually reminds me of something real from my life, which I will tell you about at another time.

cathschaffstump [10:02 PM] I mean the blood rinse.

chialynn [10:03 PM] “It’s happening again.”

george_galuschak [10:03 PM] hey, it’s the old silver-maned guy!

cathschaffstump [10:03 PM] Only Jano knows what is going on.

george_galuschak [10:03 PM] take my advice, dude. stay in bed.

chialynn [10:04 PM] “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.”

george_galuschak [10:04 PM] more banging pipes!

george_galuschak [10:04 PM] love the handprint decor!

cathschaffstump [10:05 PM] Hey. What’s shaking?

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] scruffy cop!

cathschaffstump [10:05 PM] Nothing scares you. Let’s find out.

chialynn [10:05 PM] “You never know. Let’s see.” That is the best possible answer.

george_galuschak [10:05 PM] look at the footprints on the side of the wall!

chialynn [10:06 PM] Things don’t stay buried.

george_galuschak [10:07 PM] MONKEY’S PAW!

chialynn [10:07 PM] So, that dog that wasn’t dead after all…?

cathschaffstump [10:07 PM] Undead kid just wants some breakfast.

george_galuschak [10:07 PM] well, he certainly looks dead. look, she fixed him his favorite snack!

cathschaffstump [10:08 PM] The question is–did mom dig him up?

chialynn [10:08 PM] Alicia’s involved!

cathschaffstump [10:08 PM] No. He wasn’t REALLY DEAD.

george_galuschak [10:08 PM] ‘that’s because he IS a rotting corpse!’

cathschaffstump [10:09 PM] But we will rule out Mom’s digging him up.

george_galuschak [10:09 PM] yeah, that was a little freaky

chialynn [10:11 PM] Bury him again. Maybe facedown this time. With a stake through his heart.

cathschaffstump [10:11 PM] Take his head right off at the neck. Bury it somewhere else.

cathschaffstump [10:11 PM] Yeah, I knew they’d say it was gas.

george_galuschak [10:12 PM] ‘that’s the worst case of gas I’ve ever seen!’

george_galuschak [10:12 PM] ‘we should find injectable valium…for me.’

chialynn [10:13 PM] The priest isn’t going to let you keep a rotting corpse in your house.

george_galuschak [10:13 PM]
hey, it’s the silver-haired lady!

chialynn [10:13 PM]
Especially one he buried already.

cathschaffstump [10:13 PM] It’s the lady from the framing sequence.

chialynn [10:13 PM] Ah, Dr. Allbreck, I presume? Still refusing the phone calls no one else will take?

george_galuschak [10:14 PM] he’s a groupie!

cathschaffstump [10:14 PM] Oh. She’s the loser doctor whom Walter could not reach.

george_galuschak [10:14 PM] yeah, Walter’s not around anymore

chialynn [10:14 PM] Walter’s… not himself these days.

george_galuschak [10:15 PM] oh, NOW you decide to care about Walter!

george_galuschak [10:15 PM] dude, calm down about Dr. Allbreck. you’re embarrassing yourself

cathschaffstump [10:16 PM] She’s a psychic investigator, and she’s hot!

chialynn [10:16 PM] “You know of my mysterious health problem.”

george_galuschak [10:16 PM] ‘I’m a coward’

cathschaffstump [10:16 PM] Wait. The three of us could be a super team, the likes of which could not be stopped for the course of this Shudder exclusive movie!

cathschaffstump [10:16 PM] Oh yeah. Cover the grave with concrete. That could work too.

george_galuschak [10:17 PM] Can’t pull the wool over her eyes!

chialynn [10:17 PM] They did that with Charlie Chaplin’s grave, after his body was stolen.

george_galuschak [10:17 PM] get that concrete!

chialynn [10:17 PM] Or was it Elvis’s grave? One of those.

george_galuschak [10:17 PM] why not just cremate him? or is it because they’re Catholics?

chialynn [10:18 PM] It was Chaplin.

george_galuschak [10:18 PM] ‘I want to tell you something.’ ‘will you go steady with me?’

cathschaffstump [10:19 PM] What I’m saying is that the dead really like to talk to me.

chialynn [10:19 PM] It was a very interesting skull. And it was full of bullets.

george_galuschak [10:20 PM] ‘the dead really like to talk to me. which is why I don’t date much.’

chialynn [10:20 PM] “These things happen, doctor.”

chialynn [10:20 PM]No, they don’t. They really don’t.

cathschaffstump [10:20 PM] It happens when we meddle with things not from this world. Like I did. When I performed autopsies.

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] RIP!

cathschaffstump [10:21 PM] Hey other kid.

chialynn [10:21 PM] I too, read books because I like the covers.

cathschaffstump [10:21 PM] No, your rotting friend cannot come out to play.

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] oh, look, it’s the rotting corpse’s young friend!

george_galuschak [10:21 PM] ‘what a fine blue notebook!’

chialynn [10:22 PM] Ah, chest freezer. That’ll work.

george_galuschak [10:22 PM] these are the most inept psychic investigators EVER

cathschaffstump [10:23 PM] With a plant on top. Just as good as concrete.

chialynn [10:23 PM] Keep the body a bit fresher, too.

george_galuschak [10:23 PM] ‘nobody will believe his story…unless he has video.’

chialynn [10:23 PM] How much Valium did they give the poor woman? She’s been asleep all day.

cathschaffstump [10:23 PM] I think they are making this technique up as they go.

chialynn [10:24 PM] Y’all might want a furniture dolly to move that thing.

cathschaffstump [10:24 PM] Who is the third guy with the tie?

chialynn [10:24 PM] Oh, the investigators have their no-nonsense faces on.

george_galuschak [10:24 PM] ‘we want to stay at your house.’

george_galuschak [10:24 PM] ‘Why? Because we’re crazy.’

chialynn [10:25 PM] “Your neighbors say it’s okay. Except Walter, who isn’t talking.”

cathschaffstump [10:25 PM] Okay. He’s another doctor.

chialynn [10:25 PM] Oh, he’s Dr. Doesn’t-Answer-the-Phone’s colleague.

george_galuschak [10:25 PM] It’s Dr. Rosentok! Thank God you’re here!!!

cathschaffstump [10:26 PM] Now you’re all about where is Walter.

george_galuschak [10:26 PM] well, we think Walter’s screwed

cathschaffstump [10:26 PM] And of course, it’s a great idea for each of you to stay alone in a different house, because it just is a great idea!

chialynn [10:26 PM] Poor Walter.

george_galuschak [10:26 PM] I do feel bad for Walter. He had gumption! he wasn’t moving, no sir!

chialynn [10:26 PM] All he wanted was a bed with no monsters under it.

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] oh look, they didn’t clean the bathroom

cathschaffstump [10:27 PM] And he could have justified shooting the monster with the stand your ground defense.

george_galuschak [10:27 PM] Dr. Rosentok means business. He’s loosened his tie!

cathschaffstump [10:28 PM] He’s got a UV light.

chialynn [10:28 PM] And he’s not afraid of what he might find with it.

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] great party trick. Impresses all the chicks!

cathschaffstump [10:28 PM] I speak Spanish like an American.

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] he doesn’t look scared. He looks happy.

george_galuschak [10:28 PM] Walter didn’t pay the bill. The bum!

cathschaffstump [10:29 PM] Being dead puts a cramp in making payments on time. You don’t have to be here, scaredy cop.

george_galuschak [10:30 PM] so he’s a deaf hemophiliac, how did he become a cop?

george_galuschak [10:31 PM] magnetic spoons!

chialynn [10:32 PM] So, things have been magnetized.

cathschaffstump [10:33 PM] And…I think the old man and your ex boyfriend killed your son.

chialynn [10:33 PM] But it hasn’t occurred to me to call your sister.

george_galuschak [10:33 PM] your ex, the deaf hemophiliac coward policeman

george_galuschak [10:33 PM] hahaha dumb ass

cathschaffstump [10:34 PM] Don’t play with the magnetic knives, American psychic investigator.

cathschaffstump [10:34 PM] SLURP.

cathschaffstump [10:34 PM] Shoot, man. Fuck the psychic investigator.

george_galuschak [10:34 PM] shoot it!

chialynn [10:34 PM] “It’s drinking my blood! This is so cool”

george_galuschak [10:35 PM] IT’S AWESOME

cathschaffstump [10:35 PM] I LOVE this supernatural stuff. LOVE it.

george_galuschak [10:36 PM] the cop might be scared, but he’s the only one who has any sense

cathschaffstump [10:36 PM] Why are you even trying with the blood, man? Right?

george_galuschak [10:36 PM] gotta keep things clean! don’t want the monsters to kill me in a messy home

cathschaffstump [10:37 PM] Yeah, I can see the monster. Herm. Oh, never mind. He’s over here.

george_galuschak [10:38 PM] doh!

chialynn [10:38 PM] The monster is polarized.

cathschaffstump [10:38 PM] AAARRGGGHHH!!!

george_galuschak [10:38 PM] I’m working on converting LEAD to GOLD

cathschaffstump [10:39 PM] I am outta here. And you should go too.

chialynn [10:39 PM] Dr. Allbreck carries an impressive amount of equipment in her tidy little case.

cathschaffstump [10:39 PM] Oh come on. Look. I’ve found him.

george_galuschak [10:39 PM] ahh, yes – the crack in the wall

chialynn [10:39 PM] This dude’s got the crazy eyes.

george_galuschak [10:39 PM] LET ME SHOW YA SOMETHING!!!

chialynn [10:40 PM] Like, if this movie had more budget, they would have wanted Nick Cage for that role.

george_galuschak [10:40 PM] maybe if they do a remake.

george_galuschak [10:40 PM] oh my god, he’s got to clip his toenails

cathschaffstump [10:41 PM] The cop is out!

george_galuschak [10:41 PM] he needs a new pair of underwear, too. focus your breathing, man!

cathschaffstump [10:41 PM] I’ve always been looking for a scary ass naked man under a bed?

cathschaffstump [10:42 PM] Um…things are not looking good for Jano.

chialynn [10:42 PM] Not my thing, but you do you, Rosentok.

george_galuschak [10:42 PM] Jano my friend! Are you dead, too?

cathschaffstump [10:42 PM] Oh my god. Dishes.

george_galuschak [10:43 PM] nice dishes, though

chialynn [10:43 PM] Dude, don’t shove your gun down the front of your pants.

cathschaffstump [10:43 PM] Nice dishes that make noise. I think that was Jano.

george_galuschak [10:44 PM] Jano? Is that you, my friend?

cathschaffstump [10:44 PM] Oh, he’s not okay, all right.

george_galuschak [10:44 PM] Hey, is that Walter?!?!

george_galuschak [10:44 PM] ‘You’re cutting into my crack in the wall time.’

cathschaffstump [10:45 PM] She doesn’t care about the blood on his hands, except in the most perfunctory way.

george_galuschak [10:45 PM] ‘they like blood.’ you keep saying you need to leave, but you never do

cathschaffstump [10:46 PM] I was just thinking the same thing.

george_galuschak [10:46 PM] coexisting dimensions…

cathschaffstump [10:46 PM] Think of an orange.

george_galuschak [10:46 PM] okay, you lost me

cathschaffstump [10:46 PM] No more explanations for you, Dr. Allbreck. Or rather from you.

george_galuschak [10:47 PM] WALTER’S REVENGE! here it comes!!

chialynn [10:47 PM] She’s warned him not everything he sees is real, though.

cathschaffstump [10:47 PM] Yeah, but she was talking some smack about oranges. Can you really trust what she says?

chialynn [10:48 PM] True.

george_galuschak [10:48 PM] he’s a good crawler…

chialynn [10:49 PM] I’m not sure he charged his phone.

george_galuschak [10:49 PM] that’s good. breathe heavy into the phone.

cathschaffstump [10:50 PM] Get out! Get OUT!!!!

george_galuschak [10:50 PM] damn, Dr. Allbreck and Jano won’t be going to the prom after all.

cathschaffstump [10:51 PM] Use your gun. But save the last bullet for yourself.

george_galuschak [10:52 PM] I don’t think she gives a shit that you had a heart attack

chialynn [10:52 PM] You gaslit me, you bastard.

chialynn [10:52 PM] I don’t care if he’s rotting, he’s my son.

cathschaffstump [10:53 PM] Man, she got through the concrete and everything.

george_galuschak [10:53 PM] jackhammer!

chialynn [10:53 PM] Very determined, is Alicia.

cathschaffstump [10:54 PM] Save us, Funes.

george_galuschak [10:54 PM] hahahahaha

chialynn [10:55 PM] “Why are there bloody handprints on my window?”

cathschaffstump [10:55 PM] Not going to the hospital. Just gonna sit in my car.

george_galuschak [10:55 PM] complete with bloodstained handprint on the window

chialynn [10:56 PM] “I just had a heart attack. I should smoke a cigarette.”

george_galuschak [10:56 PM] he’s not the brightest star in the firmament

george_galuschak [10:56 PM] besides, maybe it was just gas. apparently gas can do strange things to people

chialynn [10:57 PM] Under the circumstances, a panic attack would be a perfectly reasonable response.

george_galuschak [10:57 PM] ‘but I like it here! I don’t want to leave!’ Enrique is sort of thick, isn’t he?

cathschaffstump [10:58 PM] And Funes goes back!

george_galuschak [10:58 PM] Funes isn’t overly blessed in the brains department either, apparently

george_galuschak [10:58 PM] ‘Alicia, I brought the gasoline!’

cathschaffstump [10:59 PM] Alicia doesn’t care.

chialynn [10:59 PM] Not anymore.

george_galuschak [10:59 PM] ‘I guess I fucked things up’

chialynn [10:59 PM] Funes made the right choice there. He is not a Stephen King character.

cathschaffstump [11:00 PM] Come on, man. You smoke. Get a lighter.

george_galuschak [11:00 PM] definitely! hey, it’s his pal Jano!

cathschaffstump [11:01 PM] So, how’d that night in my old neighborhood go?

chialynn [11:01 PM] You need to take out Walter’s house, too.

george_galuschak [11:01 PM] he needs to take out the neighborhood, I think

chialynn [11:02 PM] “I’m very popular.” “Not like Walter.”

cathschaffstump [11:02 PM] That’s a nice picture of Funes.

george_galuschak [11:02 PM] oh, Walter. dammit

chialynn [11:03 PM] Isn’t that the deputy who was there when the kid came home the first time?

cathschaffstump [11:03 PM]He didn’t make it to retirement. Retirony.

george_galuschak [11:04 PM] dude, what are you looking at?

george_galuschak [11:04 PM] ROSENTOK! IS THAT YOU?!?!

cathschaffstump [11:05 PM] And that’s a wrap.

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] poor Walter

cathschaffstump [11:05 PM] So what have we learned?

george_galuschak [11:05 PM] uhh….

chialynn [11:06 PM] If your wife says she can’t make dinner because of the voices, move.

george_galuschak [11:06 PM] if there’s a monster under your bed, move.

cathschaffstump [11:06 PM] If you feel you should leave a psychic investigation, leave.

george_galuschak [11:06 PM] the cop was actually the hero, which is weird because he was sort of a scumbag. that, and we didn’t meet him until twenty minutes into the movie

cathschaffstump [11:07 PM] Don’t be friends with crazy old parapsychologists, especially the American ones.

george_galuschak [11:07 PM] yeah, Rosentok was having the time of his life. you could tell!

cathschaffstump [11:07 PM] He had this gleam in his eye. My blood is being sucked out! Yes!!!

george_galuschak [11:08 PM] he probably doesn’t get out much…

cathschaffstump [11:08 PM] If your girlfriends digs up her dead son, take a different car to wherever you’re going.

george_galuschak [11:08 PM] ex-girlfriend! and he was most likely his son, also

chialynn [11:09 PM] Make sure nobody’s filming you when you put the undead kid in the freezer.

george_galuschak [11:09 PM] don’t depend on Dr Allbreck for anything because she’ll just hang up on you.

chialynn [11:10 PM] I almost thought it was going to be too scary for me.

george_galuschak [11:10 PM] I jumped a lot, but it’s easy to scare me

chialynn [11:11 PM] There was a weird noise in the hall like halfway through and Novy and I both froze.

george_galuschak [11:11 PM] when I watched this the cat jumped me, and I shrieked

cathschaffstump [11:11 PM] It didn’t bother me too much.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] I’m an easy mark

cathschaffstump [11:12 PM] But I am watching it in a brightly lit room. Precautions.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] the scene in the bathroom at the beginning was really shocking

chialynn [11:12 PM] Oh, no. We watched in the dark.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] that’s one of the things the movie was good at, throwing you off

chialynn [11:12 PM] It was.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] unexpected twists

cathschaffstump [11:12 PM] And some shocks.

george_galuschak [11:12 PM] I bet they do an American remake. with Nick Cage as Dr. Rosentok

cathschaffstump [11:13 PM] I would like to know who to write to get that to happen!

george_galuschak [11:13 PM] I didn’t expect the little kid to get killed, either. they had jump scares, but genuinely unexpected stuff also

cathschaffstump [11:13 PM] Kids die in foreign films.

george_galuschak [11:14 PM] very true!

chialynn [11:14 PM] Helen Mirren can play Dr. Allbreck.

cathschaffstump [11:14 PM] I was kind of hoping the silver fox squad would be able to do some cool stuff, but they were just delusional old farts. Victims of their own hubris.

george_galuschak [11:14 PM] they didn’t know what to do once they confirmed supernatural activity

cathschaffstump [11:14 PM] I guess they didn’t think they’d make it that far.

george_galuschak [11:15 PM] the cop was the only DOER in their group. I mean, he had a half-dozen heart attacks but he got the job done

cathschaffstump [11:15 PM] Poor Walter. If he’d gotten some sleep, he could have been the hero.

george_galuschak [11:16 PM] sleep at work. Anywhere else!

cathschaffstump [11:16 PM] So, would I recommend it? Sure.

george_galuschak [11:16 PM] it’s a good jump horror movie. makes no sense at all. but yes I liked it.

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