52.0 – Author Spotlight: Jason Porath

December 15, 2016 0

un_porathDreamworks refugee Jason Porath turned his Rejected Princesses blog into a shiny new book, out now! Even better, Chia sat down with Jason during the Boston leg of his book tour.  Bonus Features: Unreliable Spouse/Perverted Ventriloquist Dummy Dan Novy serves as Special Guest Question Asker! Also a sneak preview of Episode 2 of E’ville, coming soon!

E’ville Episode 1: Murder Capital

December 12, 2016 0

eville_sqWorkers and vagrants have been disappearing down at the E’ville docks. Speculation runs rampant, but the powers that be are preoccupied with the gang war between the Sharps and Bruno Episcopo. Newcomer Ross Weeper finds himself in the middle of a sinister plot that soon involves denizens from both sides of the tracks.

Full credits and info on the episode page.

51.0 – Comedy Spotlight: Desiree Burch

December 6, 2016 1


Comedian, actor, writer, inspiring and insightful speaker. All of these describe Desiree Burch in a surface-scratching manner. (Check out her excellent episode of Writing Excuses.) Chris sits down for a wide-ranging conversation with Desiree about humor, the writing process, finding inspiration–and also the current sad state of political affairs and how to cope and thrive as an artist in the face of hate hipsters, post-integrity politicians and our own self-doubting selves.

50.0 – Zombies, Run! 101 with Naomi Alderman

December 1, 2016 0


Who says zombies are bad for your health? Author and game designer Naomi Alderman joins us from Israel to discuss her smash mobile apps, Zombies, Run! and The Walk. We also jaw about her new novel–The Power— plus inspiration, inclusiveness and other random thoughts.

But wait, there’s more! Unreliable Friend and Walkthrough host Julia Rios returns with questions for our guest. And we wrap up an overall Epic NaNoWriMo Fail with our final word count update. Spoiler alert: oh, the humanity!

49.0 – Author Spotlight: Marko Kloos

November 24, 2016 0

un_kloosStop your grinnin’ and drop your linen! It’s a bug hunt with military sci-fi author Marko Kloos! He shares some details about the upcoming Fields of Fire, the latest volume in his Frontlines series, as well as his writing process and assorted Hugos intrigue. Would you like to know more?

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