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A town of secrets in a time of secrets.

Unreliable Narrators presents
E’VILLE a serial audio drama

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California, 1927. Crime syndicates in the port town of Emeryville continue to thrive under the Volstead Act, also known as Prohibition. The battle for control of the liquor trade has been heating up between two local kingpins, Felix Sharp and Bruno Episcopo. Desperate times have driven Bruno into an unusual alliance with Draga Radivoj, high priestess of the mysterious Cult of Va-Kul. And the arrival of a stranger promises turmoil for both rivals. Long a nexus for the strange and the supernatural, E’ville is about to get weirder than ever.


Ross Weeper is new in town but gets around. He isn’t shy about inserting himself into others’ business, but his motives remain a mystery.
Portrayed by Christopher Cornell

Cassandra Sharp manages her husband Felix’s rum-running operations as well as her own C Sharp Lounge. Dismiss her as a trophy wife at your own peril.
Portrayed by Chia Evers

Eddie Canard serves as Felix Sharp’s right-hand man. Rumor has it he’d like to serve as more for the boss’ wife. He’s dogged and loyal but carries his own demons.
Portrayed by Adam Pracht

Brooklyn N. York lucks into a gig in the C Sharp’s floor show. This flighty flapper may seem harmless, but to know her is to suspect her motives.
Portrayed by Stephanie Vance

Felix Sharp runs much of the liquor trade in Emeryville from the Palms Club. Many whisper his obsession with Otto, a ventriloquist’s dummy, proves he’s gone crackers.
Felix: Mat Weller, Otto: Dan Novy

Draga Radivoj serves as priestess of the mysterious Cult of Va-Kul. Her new alliance with the Sharps’ rival, Bruno Episcopo, has raised eyebrows in E’ville.
Portrayed by Catherine Schaff-Stump


Before he became Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Earl Warren served as Alameda County’s district attorney during the later years of Prohibition. He famously referred to Emeryville, a tiny port town opposite San Francisco, as “the rottenest city on the Pacific Coast.” With good reason: bootlegging, gambling and prostitution all flourished there once neighboring Oakland cracked down on crime.

Few signs of Emeryville’s checkered past remain today. The sacred Ohlone shellmound has been razed and destroyed several times over the past century. The mudflat sculptures that adorned toxic dump sites have been torn down and lost to the ages. The entire waterfront has been bulldozed to make way for an end-to-end, uninterrupted string of shopping malls and dense development projects. Despite the city’s aggressive moves to obliterate its past and personality, however, traces can be found here and there if one takes the time to explore, watch and listen.

City of Emeryville‘s site provides a detailed history of E’ville. The E’ville Eye and the Emeryville Tattler serve up local news.