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A town of secrets in a time of secrets.

Unreliable Narrators presents
E’VILLE a serial audio drama
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Episode 1: Murder Capital

Workers and vagrants have been disappearing down at the E’ville docks. Speculation runs rampant, but the powers that be are preoccupied with the gang war between the Sharps and Bruno Episcopo. Newcomer Ross Weeper finds himself in the middle of a sinister plot that soon involves denizens from both sides of the tracks.

Release Date: 12/12/2016

CAST (in order of appearance)
Reliable Narrator … Jan Lyn Williams
Sacrificial Palooka … Dan Novy
Draga Radivoj … Catherine Schaff-Stump
Bruno Episcopo … Mark Kulawik
Ross Weeper … Christopher Cornell
Cassandra Sharp … Chia Evers
Eddie Canard … Adam Pracht
Ross’ Conscience … Debbie Goelz
Va-Kul … Herself
Radio Announcer … Dee

Written and Produced by Christopher Cornell

“California Here I Come” (1921) by Buddy DeSylva and Joseph Meyer
Recorded from piano roll

“Mello Cello” (1921) by Harry Williams and Neil Moret
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

“M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word that Means the World to Me)” (1916) by Howard Johnson and Theo. Morse
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

Theme and incidental music by Christopher Cornell

Many sound effects courtesy of
Utilizing contributions by users: pogotron, sagetyrtle, leandros‑ntounis, bluesquiddog, ondrosik, mentalsanityoff, dimigowave, squareal, the‑yura, adam‑n, differentieel, justkiddink, crz1990, daveincamas, epiphanyx16, timbre, cgeffex, volivieri, blaukreuz, productionnow, kwahmah, edo333, mystiscool, davegould, nawewohl02, joedeshon, cmusounddesign, robinhood76zombiechaser3, inchadney, mmaruska, soundmary, parcodeisuoni, castironcarousel, alfdroid, fewes, speedygonzo, tristan‑lohengrin, ivolipa, kevzog, epicwizard, cyril‑laurier, halleck, rutgermuller, mikaelfernstrom, tmkappelt, alvinwhatup2, musicampo, rmutt, nic‑one, timbre, murraysortz, dheming, reitanna, qubodup, unfa, lwdickens, ylearkisto, nakhas, rock-savage, justbrando, thesoundcatcher, scottman, stomachache, davidou, vartioh, tritus, jacobalcook, winamice