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A town of secrets in a time of secrets.

Unreliable Narrators presents
E’VILLE a serial audio drama
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Episode 2: Small Sacrifices

A federal raid raises suspicion of a rat within the Sharp ranks. Weeper’s background doesn’t check out. Felix and Otto throw a wrench into Cassie’s plans with a surprising new hire. Draga tasks Bruno with an unusual abduction.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Reliable Narrator … Jan Lyn Williams
Bruno Episcopo … Mark Kulawik
Jeff Doe … Jason Musgrave
Farmer Brown … Bryon Stump
Elsa … Herself
Gertrude … Herself
Eddie Canard … Adam Pracht
Cassandra Sharp … Chia Evers
Brooklyn N. York … Stephanie Vance
Draga Radivoj … Catherine Schaff-Stump
Emcee … Glen Cuthbertson
Otto … Dan Novy
Felix Sharp … Mat Weller
Ross Weeper … Christopher Cornell
Cultist No. 1 … Julia Rios
Cultist No. 2 … Moss Collum

Written by George Galuschak and Christopher Cornell

Produced by Christopher Cornell

“M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word that Means the World to Me)” (1916) by Howard Johnson and Theo. Morse
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

“Unreliable Theme Song (Lounge Lizard Remix)” (2016) by Christopher Cornell

“Somebody Loves You After All” (1923) from Kid Boots by Harry Tierney
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

“Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?)” (1914) by Percy Weinrich and Jack Mahoney
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

Theme and incidental music by Christopher Cornell

Many sound effects courtesy of
Utilizing contributions by users: soundmary, reinsamba, sunboy, vedas, hunter4708, soundjep, martian, benboncan, adrianac, inspectorj, robinhood76, funai, altfuture, juskiddink, cgeffex, joedeshon, acclivity, dnewtonjr, joelaudio, josephsardin, mentalsanityoff, slickrickowski, bahaish, speedygonzo, ninebilly, squareal, madamvicious, wingsofirony, joseph-larralde, yoyodaman234, nathan-lomeli, leandros-ntounis, adam-n, project-trident, rivernile7, mikaelfernstrom, dvideoguy, slave2thelight, d-w, sinatra314, kbnevel, shluppipuppie, thedogryan420, mickfire, paul368, zesoundresearchinc, luffy, zaneclampett, scratchsniff, tristan-logengrin, joao_santos, daveincamas, klankbeeid, chrillz3r, metzik, 19marsou20, yuval, zmb94, el-mar