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A town of secrets in a time of secrets.

Unreliable Narrators presents
E’VILLE a serial audio drama
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Episode 6: Requiem for a Ventriloquist

Cassie and Eddie make a startling discovery. Ross bids for freedom. Draga exacts revenge for events in her past.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Reliable Narrator … Jan Lyn Williams
Cassandra Sharp … Chia Evers
Eddie Canard … Adam Pracht
Mitch the Butcher … Sean Patrick Kelley
Ross Weeper … Christopher Cornell
Felix Sharp … Mat Weller
Draga Radivoj … Catherine Schaff-Stump
Carnival Barker … Christopher Cornell
Tommy McTeague … George Hrab
Otto … Dan Novy
Carnival Heckler … Gayathri Kamath
Cultist No. 1 … Julia Rios
Cultist No. 2 … Moss Collum

Written and Produced by Christopher Cornell

“California Here I Come” (1921) by Buddy DeSylva and Joseph Meyer
Recorded from piano roll

“(You’re the Flower of My Heart) Sweet Adeline” (1903) by Richard H. Gerard and Harry Armstrong
Arranged by Christopher Cornell

Theme and incidental music by Christopher Cornell

Many sound effects courtesy of
Utilizing contributions by users: hotlavaman, project-trident, soundjep, johnsonbrandediting, alex-audio, lolamadeus, el-wilk, kwahmah, robinhood76, epicwizard, inspectorj, caitlin, sandermotions, bluesquiddoug, rivernile7, talitha5, ralphwhitehead, et-graham, tewkesound, jorickhoofd, allrealsound, mickmon, feedbackdesignz, mydo1, yottasounds, wjoojoo, ylearkisto, theshuggie, jcbatz, freesound, malexmedia, kyles, lmbubec, zombiechaser3, moebiusbean, qubodup, ultradust, garyedstrom, rtb45,soundsexciting, alterr, kikuchiyo, mentalsanityoff, xtrgamr, speedygonzo, edo333, aderumoro, jayfrosting, inspectorj, dr-skitz, ev-dawg