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The Unreliable Narrators Watch… Jacob’s Ladder!

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Dramatis Personae
Cath, Chia, Chris, George

chris [8:03 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

cathschaffstump [8:04 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

chris [8:04 PM]

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] go go go!!!

chialynn [8:04 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] JACOB’S LADDER

chris [8:04 PM] ah, good old Carolco. 90s memories

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] cat sitting in front of TV

chris [8:05 PM] Wes’ son?

chialynn [8:05 PM] Looks a bit like the beginning of Apocalypse Now. I’m sure that’s intentional.

george_galuschak [8:05 PM] ‘Nam?

chialynn [8:05 PM] Danny Aiello!

chris [8:06 PM] and he doesn’t even own a friggin’ pizzeria

cathschaffstump [8:06 PM] Are all past wars in sepia tones?

george_galuschak [8:06 PM] I guess so!

chris [8:07 PM] Marcellus Wallace!

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] hey, it’s RADAR O’REILLY!

chialynn [8:08 PM] It was such a nice day, too.

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] this is giving me a headache

chialynn [8:11 PM] And it was all a dream…

cathschaffstump [8:11 PM] From jungle to post office.

chris [8:11 PM] …or was it?

george_galuschak [8:12 PM] that’s a slovenly subway car

george_galuschak [8:12 PM] gritty!

chialynn [8:12 PM] Even for NYC in the ’70s.

cathschaffstump [8:12 PM] Those glasses are pretty 70s.

cathschaffstump [8:12 PM]
What is he reading?

chris [8:13 PM] Vessel of Ra

cathschaffstump [8:13 PM] novella. Kind of thin.

cathschaffstump [8:13 PM]
No! Don’t get off the car. Sure it was dirty, but it was going somewhere.