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The Unreliable Narrators Watch… Terrified!

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chialynn [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!

cathschaffstump [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!

george_galuschak [9:38 PM] TERRIFIED!!!

chialynn [9:38 PM]

chialynn [9:39 PM] I’m looking at a woman’s butt.

george_galuschak [9:39 PM] still on trailers!

george_galuschak [9:39 PM] okay, cine argentino

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Your friends from Argentina bring you….

chialynn [9:40 PM] Tell me when you get to the woman’s butt.

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Still working our way to the butt.

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] got it!

cathschaffstump [9:40 PM] Washing dishes.

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] let’s go go go!

cathschaffstump [9:41 PM] Sink action…OMG water!

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] BUT IS IT CLEAN ENOUGH?!?!

The Unreliable Narrators Watch…Let the Right One In (2008)!

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chris [9:36 PM] Let the Right One In!

cathschaffstump [9:36 PM] Let the Right One In!

chialynn [9:37 PM] Let the Right One In!

george_galuschak [9:40 PM] LET THE RIGHT ONE IN!!!

chris [9:40 PM] starring Haley Joel Osment

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] omg its SVEND AGAIN

chris [9:41 PM] get your lingenberries ready

george_galuschak [9:41 PM] snooooow

chialynn [9:41 PM] It’s just two hours of white titles on a black background, isn’t it?

cathschaffstump [9:43 PM] Yes. It’s Swedish.

chialynn [9:44 PM] Oh, sad little blond boy. You are so blond. And so sad.

cathschaffstump [9:44 PM] So…new neighbors!

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] BLOCK UP THOSE WINDOWS

cathschaffstump [9:45 PM] And children with knives. That’s not a problem.

chialynn [9:45 PM] New neighbors in a horror movie are never a good sign.

The Unreliable Narrators Watch… The Haunting of Hill House!

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chialynn [8:06 PM] The Haunting of Hill House! S1E1, “Steven Sees a Ghost”!

george_galuschak [8:07 PM] HaoHiHo!!

chris [8:07 PM] TV-MA. Oh noes

chialynn [8:07 PM] I have not read the book.

george_galuschak [8:07 PM] wow, quoting from the book!

chris [8:07 PM] I listened to the audiobook not long ago

chialynn [8:07 PM] I saw the dreadful 1999 movie adaptation.

george_galuschak [8:07 PM] I’ve read the book a few times

chris [8:07 PM] it sounds to me like this is not all that faithful, focusing on background chars from the book.

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] this is the Mt. Rushmore of haunted house books

chialynn [8:08 PM] I’m picking it up at the library tomorrow.

chris [8:09 PM] Now I want a mountain monument with heads of Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, maybe Straub or McCammon? (edited)

george_galuschak [8:09 PM] E.A. POE

chris [8:09 PM] Dreams can spill!

george_galuschak [8:10 PM] what the hell is this guy talking about? don’t fill up your kid’s head with garbage, man!

chialynn [8:10 PM] Something terrible is about to happen.

george_galuschak [8:10 PM] bent neck lady sounds like a J-movie

chris [8:10 PM] Some dreams are like Evian, and some are like Flint tap water

chialynn [8:10 PM] Never tell your kid you love her in a horror movie.

The Unreliable Narrators Watch… Jacob’s Ladder!

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Dramatis Personae
Cath, Chia, Chris, George

chris [8:03 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

cathschaffstump [8:04 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

chris [8:04 PM]

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] go go go!!!

chialynn [8:04 PM] Jacob’s Ladder!

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] JACOB’S LADDER

chris [8:04 PM] ah, good old Carolco. 90s memories

george_galuschak [8:04 PM] cat sitting in front of TV

chris [8:05 PM] Wes’ son?

chialynn [8:05 PM] Looks a bit like the beginning of Apocalypse Now. I’m sure that’s intentional.

george_galuschak [8:05 PM] ‘Nam?

chialynn [8:05 PM] Danny Aiello!

chris [8:06 PM] and he doesn’t even own a friggin’ pizzeria

cathschaffstump [8:06 PM] Are all past wars in sepia tones?

george_galuschak [8:06 PM] I guess so!

chris [8:07 PM] Marcellus Wallace!

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] hey, it’s RADAR O’REILLY!

chialynn [8:08 PM] It was such a nice day, too.

george_galuschak [8:08 PM] this is giving me a headache

chialynn [8:11 PM] And it was all a dream…

cathschaffstump [8:11 PM] From jungle to post office.

chris [8:11 PM] …or was it?

george_galuschak [8:12 PM] that’s a slovenly subway car

george_galuschak [8:12 PM] gritty!

chialynn [8:12 PM] Even for NYC in the ’70s.

cathschaffstump [8:12 PM] Those glasses are pretty 70s.

cathschaffstump [8:12 PM]
What is he reading?

chris [8:13 PM] Vessel of Ra

cathschaffstump [8:13 PM] novella. Kind of thin.

cathschaffstump [8:13 PM]
No! Don’t get off the car. Sure it was dirty, but it was going somewhere.

SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE of The Unreliable Narrators Watch!

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Friday the 13th

Tonight we watch…Friday the 13th. That’s right, the grandaddy of slasher flicks! Camp Crystal Lake is open for business again, and you’re all invited. The question is…will you survive the experience?

WARNING: the following contains spoilers!

Dramatis Personae: Chia, Chris, George…and special guest-star Morris the Cat!

george_galuschak [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

chialynn [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

chris [8:00 PM] Friday the 13th!

The Unreliable Narrators watch…Halloween!!!

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Welcome to the third and final episode of this year’s Halloween edition of “The Unreliable Narrators Watch…,” starring The Unreliable Narrators. This week we’re watching John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” the quintessential movie of this wonderful holiday!

WARNING: the following contains spoilers!!!

Dramatis Personae: Chris, Chia, George…and special guest-star Taz the Dog!

chialynn [9:44 PM] Three… two… one…

george_galuschak [9:44 PM] Halloween!

chialynn [9:44 PM] Halloween!

chris [9:45 PM] Halloween!

chris [9:45] piano!

chialynn [9:45 PM] For our readers at home, I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen this before.